How to Hire a Good Freelancer

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on June 16, 2020
How to hire a freelancer?

Guest Contribution by Sandra Larson 

At some point, you might consider the option of hiring a freelancer to help your in-house team boost productivity. Today, work-related online communication is pretty simple. There are numerous platforms and websites where you can easily find a person ready to cooperate with you for the long term or a quick task. Whether you need a designer, writer, or even a programmer to start an online store, there are numerous resources where you can get one.

However, how to choose perfect freelancer? How do you know that a particular person fits your needs and aims? Hiring freelancers, one needs to keep some crucial insights in mind. In the following article, we will discuss them. Read on and learn how to choose the best freelancer for your projects.

Make sure you know why you need a freelancer

Before you start searching, make sure that you already have a formulated task. Before beginning a discussion with a potential candidate, you need to know all the details of the project: deadlines, payment schedule, budget, etc. This way, you will know which skills are required in order to complete the task as well as the goals you expect to reach.

Think about every detail before you start a dialogue if you don’t want to waste your and the candidate’s time. Provide a broad picture to him/her, but add the details when needed.

Create a compelling job offer

How to hire a freelancer, considering that these people pick projects on their own? Well, there is only one way to attract a good one – write an appealing pitch. Most freelancers search for projects they are interested in, paying special attention to those that will help them develop better portfolios.

Competing for the best freelancer in your niche, you have to create an excellent post with a catchy title, relevant project details, and precise requirements. Make sure that you inform potential candidates about all the essential aspects. Looking for an artist to create a logo, mention that you would like to hire a person well-versed in vector drawing. If you need to hire someone from Australia to do assignment, make sure to highlight these details in your post. Mention that you give preference to professionals with particular academic background, degree, and language.

When writing a post, follow this outline:

  • Introduce your company or yourself
  • State your objectives
  • Include details (required skills, programs, tools, etc.)
  • Indicate the rates (hourly, fixed, long engagement)

Check different regions to find more mutually beneficial offers

Freelancers from the countries with different time zones than yours may offer more competitive rates. When reviewing profiles, don’t let geography be a disqualifying factor. There are overlapping hours when you and your remote worker can communicate online. What is more, due to the time difference, you might be sleeping when a freelancer us working, which means that you will get a piece of the done job right after you wake up. Sounds nice!

Establish strict deadlines

If you know when you need your project to be done, inform your freelancer about this date. The worst thing that can happen after you hire a freelancer is a quarrel when you find out that the project cannot be done on time. And this would be your fault – you are responsible for informing a hired person about the timelines.

Remember that most freelancers have other customers and projects, so be sure that they are available for yours. Ask if they can handle the task within the period you require.

Avoid being cheap

Hire freelancers and pay a worthy salary to them. If your project is complicated and time-consuming, offer a higher rate. Higher rates are incredibly motivating, so be sure that more money means better quality for 99 freelancers of 100.

Offer a paid test project

If you have chosen a candidate or a couple of them, you need to see them in action. The best way to do so is by offering a paid test project. Give them a small piece of the task and see how they handle the deadline and communication.

Protect your intellectual property and confidential information

It is hard to explain the task without revealing the company’s data and some ideas you already have. Unfortunately, ideas cannot be copyrighted, so you should be careful when discussing your project with a potential worker. If you are concerned about your intellectual property rights, you can ask a freelancer to sign a non-disclosure agreement online.

Arrange a video or voice call and interview the freelancer

Meeting your freelancer face to face is not obligatory, but it is a great practice to let you feel safe and comfortable. It makes a difference when you know how your colleagues talk and look alike.

Outline and write down all the questions you would like to ask. Confirm the time and channel you will meet over. Before you make a call, make sure that your room is in order, and the background area looks professional. Also, check if your mic and camera work properly.

Make an offer and sign a contract

After finding the right freelancer, make him/her a job offer. Remember that cooperation with freelancers is different from real-life one – there are considerations you need to keep in mind. Discuss all payment and communication details before you make a deal.

It is great to have a contract that includes the following details:

  • Type of work you are expecting to get
  • The deadline
  • The price (if it is fixed) or an hourly rate
  • Dates when will you make a payment
  • Type of payment you are going to make


Finding a perfect freelancer for your project might take a while. Both of you should be 100% assured that this project is beneficial, discuss all the details, and make sure that you understand each other correctly. First of all, be informative and provide your freelancer with all the project details from the start. Second, remember that the best freelancers choose projects that interest them. This means the best way to get the most qualified pro is to offer something really compelling. Third, provide a decent salary – this will increase chances that you will receive a satisfying quality. Follow these fundamental tips and other recommendations listed in the article above to increase your chances of fruitful distant cooperation!


Sandra Larson is a freelance writer. She creates entertaining and informational content for various online platforms and blogging resources. Sandra’s areas of interest lie in education, sociology, work ethics, and psychology. 

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