Erik van Vulpen on People Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making
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Erik van Vulpen on People Analytics, AI in the Workplace, and Data-Driven Decision-Making

Erik van Vulpen

The modern workplace has transformed into an environment filled with new tools and technologies, opinions on remote employees, and a wide network of communication. Artificial intelligence and people analytics have soared in ways that were once unimaginable. Companies can now have more information about employees, ranging from fitness to food, health to habits, and everything in between.

In the old days of Human Resources, organizations captured information from employees mainly to determine work performance or succession pipelines. However, today, companies can get information from nearly every click of a mouse at work. People analytics is relatively new but coupled with artificial intelligence, it is dramatically improving the way companies recruit, train, and retain their talent base.    

Here to share his thoughts on people analytics, changing attitudes in the workplace, AI, and data-driven decision making among CHROs and HR professionals is Erik van Vulpen.

Erik van Vulpen is a founder of the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), the world’s largest online community for people analytics professionals. He writes and speaks about people analytics and is an advocate of data-driven Human Resource Management. He holds a master’s in psychology (Hons.), business administration (Hons.), and a bachelor’s in law.


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