Benefits of Using the Cloud to Work from Home

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on June 4, 2020

Guest Contribution by James Daniels

Cloud computing has helped change the way we do business and enabled more and more workers to leave the office and start working from home. In times of uncertainty, where flexibility is key, those companies that have successfully implemented cloud software will benefit greatly.

Benefits Of Using The Cloud To Work From Home

  • Access

    You might be working from home, but you still need to be able to access all the data and information you do in the office. When you start to work from home, you want there to be as few interruptions as possible, and one of the ways you can make this happen is through accessing key applications through the cloud.

    Basic cloud software such as Microsoft Office 365 is vital to at least be able to access some of the key information you use at the office. The more integrated your business is with the cloud, the more seamlessly you will be able to work from home.

  • Collaboration

    One of the reasons we work in offices is to facilitate collaboration between employees. People need to work together for business to be a success, and that doesn’t change when lots of people are working from home.

    Communication and collaboration become even more important for remote workers because you have to work that little bit harder to do it effectively. However, the cloud gives you many of the tools you need to make it work.

    With the cloud, teams can work on the same documents at the same time, with changes being saved instantly. Through SaaS tools, such as Google Hangouts, employees can also video chat and collaborate nearly as effectively as if they were in the office together.

    You may be working from your house on your own, but cloud services can help make sure you’re still collaborating effectively as part of a team.

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  • Security

    One of the worries for companies with so many people starting to work from home is that their security will be compromised. These businesses spend so much money trying to secure their office systems, but once they’re employees step outside the office doors, they’re leaving the safety net.

    This means that employees who work from home have a responsibility towards their own online security.

    As points out, there are still challenges to cloud security, but in general, employees are going to be more secure using the cloud software that’s provided by their company.

    Online security is a big risk for any company, and remote workers need to take responsibility on their end by using approved cloud software.

  • Data Retrieval

    With many of us having lived through the early days of computers, we tend to have that horrible fear, where you forget to click save, something happens, and suddenly all your work is gone.

    Today, you might not need to click save, but it can still happen that you lose vital files if you’re saving them locally, and something happens to your computer.

    With cloud software, your documents are continuously saved and backed up in the cloud, meaning you can access them from anywhere. This means your computer can have an almighty breakdown, but your information is still safely saved up in the cloud.



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