Best Pre-Employment Testing Software for the Future HR Leader

By Marianne Chrisos - Last Updated on January 6, 2020
Marianne Chrisos

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Best Pre-Employment Testing Software for the Future HR Leader

Pre-employment tests serve an important purpose to some businesses – by asking candidates to complete screening, employees can get a more accurate feel for an employee’s current capabilities and skill level. While employers shouldn’t base their entire hiring decision on the results of an employee test, implementing a pre-employment screening test can improve the recruiting process for many businesses.

Using a 3rd-party pre-employment testing software vendor is how many organizations choose to implement their testing and finding the right vendor match is crucial in the process. Here are some of the best pre-employment testing software options.

Best Pre-Employment Testing Software Solutions

  • Prevue: This HR software makes hiring easier for managers and recruiters by offering career aptitude testing and personality tests that can give you a better sense of what qualities a person has and how they might fit into your culture. Their software makes it easier to objectively look at the candidate’s strengths, with a particular in the areas of retail, finance, accounting, or hospitality. Their website boasts, “With regularly updated pre-employment tests and a catalog of 1000 industry benchmarks to choose from, Prevue has staffing solutions for every sector.”
  • Harver: Harver wants to enable you with solutions that help you hire better and faster. Used by companies like Netflix and Zappos, Harver uses interactive assessments and predictive analysis to provide in-depth candidate information. With Harver, you can choose from a number of assessments, including 15 customizable modules that are meant to analyze culture fit, cognitive ability, personality, multi-asking skills, typing skills, and more. They also use Situational Judgement Test modules to asses how employees might react in certain situations tailored to your organization. Harver can then help move your screening process along by ranking candidates on job-fit and assessment results.
  • Codility: This pre-employment testing software is a platform designed specifically to test the abilities of coders and developers for open tech positions. Companies like Amazon, Rakuten, Microsoft, and PayPal have used this technology platform in their hiring, as it helps to streamline the hiring and screening process. Codility can automatically score assessments, creating reports for recruiters and hiring managers to better gauge coding and technical abilities of potential new employees. The easy-to-use candidate interface makes the process simpler and more positive for candidates and helps streamline work and save time for HR and hiring managers.
  • eSkill: The eSkill platform wants to help you make the best hiring choices because they know that company success is built on employee performance. Their assessment software helps you get to know candidates better and determine if there’s a strong job fit between the applicant and the position. It can also help your business reduce the cost of a bad hire. This platform can fit seamlessly into your existing recruiting process and even integrates into most applicant tracking systems. It also allows you to customize tests to fit just about any position or role, including rare or uncommon ones. Some of their better-known clients include Paychex, FedEx, LG, and the Credit Union of Texas.
  • Criteria HireSelect: HireSelect offers three main types of testing. Aptitude testing measure critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and assesses someone’s skills at learning and applying new information. Personality tests are used more for cultural fit assessment, assessing behavioral patterns and traits that affect an individual’s performance in the workplace. Skills tests measure fluency in certain areas that are associated with work activities or job-related proficiencies. One HR professional noted HireSelect’s  “assessments are relevant, easy to use, providing meaningful data, and enhance the selection process for Human Resources and managers.” Their robust 21-day free trial includes the option to try out up to 20 of their aptitude, personality, and skills tests that can streamline your hiring process.
  • WonScore by Wonderlic: Wonderlic is a well-known name in HR circles. To candidates looking to prep for their Wonderlic test, they’re described as, “psychometric test package which combines the Wonderlic Personnel Test, Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory, and the Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment averaging the three scores together into one (“won”) number managers can use to easily compare a large number of applicants.” They use testing developed and supported by proven methods for predicting job performance. Their platform helps employers assess cognitive ability, motivation, and personality. It’s an easy way to test job applications for specific positions in various industries, including retail, food service, business, and financial services, health care, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and many more.

Pre-employment testing is a helpful tool in your recruitment process. From reducing hiring bias to helping reduce turnover and improve hiring speed and quality, pre-employment testing software can benefit your business as a part of your overall strategy to help attract and retain the best talent. Choosing the best pre-employment software to help grow your business will depend on things like your hiring goals and industry, which is why many vendors offer trials and demos that businesses should take advantage of to find the best fit.

Marianne Chrisos

Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a c...

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