Best Practices for Enhancing Employee Experience with People Analytics
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Best Practices for Enhancing Employee Experience with People Analytics

Best Practices for Enhancing Employee Experience with People Analytics

Many companies are not aware of the benefits people analytics can offer their employee experience initiatives because many businesses are not even aware of what employee experience means. Well, for those who are unaware, employee experience refers to the collective experiences an individual employee has within an organization. These experiences start when the organization makes first contact with the employee and lasts beyond the employees last day with the company.

Can people analytics help you enhance the employee experience?

Traditionally, companies have maintained a narrow focus on employee engagement and work culture. Today though, organizations realize that employee experiences are important to retaining employees and creating a friendly brand that customers and employees alike will want to interact with. So, how can people analytics help you enhance the employee experiences at your organization?

People Analytics

People analytics, also known as human capital analytics, is largely driven by the adoption of cloud-based HR technology and allows HR professionals to look at data in a more integrated way which allows them to improve the work experience for their employees. People analytics has been proven to be so effective for organizations that many studies show that the ROI from implementing people analytics can be as high as $13 for every one dollar spent.

People analytics is so essential to the success of an organization because it will allow you to have a better understanding of business issues like the qualities that make a great manager, what causes your employees to burn out, what causes your employees to leave or stay with the company, how you can get your teams to collaborate better, how you can ensure the health of your employees, and so much more.

Enhancing Employee Experiences

Perhaps Jacob Morgan, a leading expert in the field of employee experiences, says it best when he writes, “the best business decisions are made by conducting your own research inside your organization.”  Without having a thorough understanding of your employees, you will not be able to make the best decisions when it comes to their experiences.

Listen to Employees – when you take the time to truly understand your employees, you improve your ability to consistently provide an excellent employee experience to all of them. Many HR leaders today believe they know what their employees want but many of these managers are only assuming or guessing and can’t back up their assumptions with facts. Without implementing a continuous listening strategy, you will not only degrade any investments you’ve put into employee experiences but you could also experience dramatically negative financial impacts on your bottom line.

Conduct Feedback – Perhaps the simplest way to enhance the employee experience at your organization is to gather and analyze all types of employee feedback. Each type of feedback will give you deeper insights into what your employees really want from you as an employer, as well as generate conversation about how the business can improve processes. Whether you decide to use direct feedback channels, relationship surveys, transactional surveys, indirect feedback channels, inferred feedback channels, or a combination of them all, you’ll be able to back up any assumptions about your employees with facts.

Share Data – People analytics is essential to enhance the employee experience but without sharing this data across the entire HR department, you will not have a 360-degree view of your employees, nor will you have a thorough understanding of how you can make them more satisfied in their positions.

People analytics has been proven to not only enhance the employee experience but the customer experience as well. Without implementing people analytics at your organization, you will find it difficult to improve the experience for not only your employees but your customers as well.

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
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