Best HR Compliance Certification Programs to Visit This Year

By Marianne Chrisos - Last Updated on January 6, 2020
HR Compliance Certification

HR can seem like a sea of acronyms and lists of federal and state employment laws, all subject to change. Regardless of the complications, HR compliance is a crucial element of HR to master. Businesses who don’t pay enough attention to compliance put themselves at risk for lawsuits, expensive fines, and negative reputation repercussions. HR certification in compliance can help grow your expertise in this area.

If you’re an HR professional or leader looking to get certified in HR compliance or you’re wondering which compliance certification programs are worth recommending to your HR team members, this list can help you find out which programs can help you earn your HR compliance certification and better protect your employer and employees.

What are the best HR compliance certification programs?

Finding the right compliance courses or certification for your organization can be a matter of budget, business goals, current HR certifications, and other factors. Here is a list of places to start your HR compliance certification search.

1 Compliance Online

Compliance Online offers several compliance programs, including 2-day in person intensive seminars. It helps HR professionals better understand the huge amounts of data involved in compliance matters. From record keeping and extensive training on all relevant employment laws to know how to respond to sexual harassment, discrimination, FMLA requests, ADA and Religious accommodation requests, this course can help all HR professionals feel more confident in their understanding and implementation of processes that affect compliance.

2 Capital

Capital HR compliance course provider promises that HR professionals will feel more confident in handling any HR compliance issues and allow them to better understand any compliance responsibilities. They offer sign-up for individual classes for HR professionals who are just looking to enhance knowledge in one particular area, but many of their online and in-person courses count as credits towards another HR certificate through organizations like SHRM.

3 Drexel University Online

Because compliance issues are inherently legal issues, Drexel University Online program is taught by a professor from the Kline School of Law. It helps HR professionals grow a deep understanding of how legal HR compliance regulations can affect the working conditions of a business and includes a focused training in ethics as well as specific compliance issues. Many HR professionals take this certification course to grow their abilities in navigating potentially complex workplace issues.


The Society for Human Resource Management offers regular certification programs in compliance, which focuses on training HR professionals in legal compliance issues. Participants analyze how compliance affects talent acquisition, selection assessment, hiring, discipline, and termination. They will also learn about the laws governing workforce reductions, resignations, and retirement and assess the role of human resource professionals as stewards of ethical and legal protections in an organization. It’s a program that’s extremely helpful in helping HR teams think more proactively about potential legal issues in the workplace.


HCI program organization offers several education classes and courses that help HR professionals become better versed in all HR matters, from growth and development to HR strategy, analytics, talent management, change development, and other pieces of the HR puzzle that contribute to compliance matters from hiring to retainment to firing and more.

Investing in compliance certification and education is an extremely worthwhile business pursuit. It can not only help protect employees and employers, but it can create a more reputable business to recruit and retain talent. It can also help your business function more efficiently and ensure better profitability through better, more reliable relationships with employees. HR professionals have many options to find the right certification opportunities and HR leadership is able to decide which HR compliance certification is right for their business needs.

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Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a c...

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