5 HR Analytics Research Papers Every CHRO Should Read

By Marianne Chrisos - Last Updated on January 6, 2020
5 HR Analytics Research Papers Every CHRO Should Read

A little research can go a long way. HR analytics and the data that goes along with it can be used to help businesses make better decisions and more informed choices. Similarly, HR analytics research papers can be used by HR professionals to better understand the technology that is revolutionizing their human resource efforts.

While some find research papers too scholarly or dull, HR analytics is an exciting, new topic for researchers and most of their insightful findings are useful in helping HR professionals do their jobs more effectively and help better serve employees and their business.

What are the HR analytics research papers most worth reading?

Can HR research make you better at your job? Here are some of the top HR analytics research papers worth reading.

‘Hr Analytics’ – An Effective Evidence-Based HRM Tool

This paper was published in July of 2017 in the International Journal of Business and Management Invention by authors Dr. P. Raghunatha Reddy and P. Lakshmikeerthi. The paper explores how HR analytics are helping to effectively shape human resource management processes. The abstract notes that HR is distinct in its decision-making practices from other business units because “decisions in… HR mostly rely on trust and relationships not like how in other functional areas of management.” HR analytics is helping create uniformity in decision-making business-wide for many organizations. The paper also does a very interesting deep dive into how Google is using HR analytics and the ten ways that it is changing their HR processes.

HR analytics transforming human resource management

This paper on HR analytics was published in 2015 by the International Journal of Applied Research. Authored by Weena Yancey M Momin and Dr. Taruna, this paper highlights some of the ways that HR analytics is being used to source people and find candidates who can work for their company and give them an edge over their competitors. It seeks to answer the question, “Are HR analytics an actual useful business tool or an over-hyped technology? Can it actually address problems in the workforce, increase productivity, and give employers better ROI on their hires?” The authors detail information from three business case studies, exploring the uses, applications, and successes of HR analytics in real business examples.

People data: How far is too far?

While more of an article than a scholarly study, this piece seeks to cover the dangers of HR analytics and using data about people to make business decisions. Deloitte is a well-known consulting organization that does extensive research into many areas of business. This article looks at the risk of using data analytics in HR, including survey responses from businesses and HR professionals that said, “64 percent of respondents reported that they are actively managing legal liability related to their organizations’ people data. Six out of ten said that they were concerned about employee perceptions of how their data is being used.” It also does an interesting job highlighting what responsibilities C-suite executives should have in handling emerging HR analytics.

Overview of HR Analytics to maximize Human capital investment

This paper was written in 2015 by Dr. Uttam. M.Kinange and Masese Omete Fred from Kousali Institute of Management Studies. Their paper seeks to cover two main areas – the stages of analytics and how they relate to HR, as well as if using HR analytics can help global businesses have better operations.

People analytics: novel approach to modern human resource management practice

Published by the International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, this paper highlights that HR analytics grew out of a need for businesses to be able to react as quickly as individuals. People have greater access to data, which enables them to not only thoroughly review before making a decision but do so quickly. This paper makes the point that businesses need to give HR people the tools to keep up with the growth of technology and its implications.

HR analytics will continue to have an impact on businesses and HR analytics research papers are one way for HR leaders and CHROs to explore how HR analytics might affect their organization.

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Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a c...

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