5 Efficient Ways Technology Can Be Used for Diversity Recruiting

By Emily Pribanic - Last Updated on January 6, 2020
efficient ways technology Can used for diversity recruiting

Technology is an excellent way to improve your diversity recruiting efforts.

When recruiting professionals use technology to improve the diversity they seek from candidates, they’re guaranteed to make their company more diverse.

Having a diverse work environment is not only beneficial to your business but it is necessary today because our world is so diverse. Having a diverse work environment brings different ideas and perspectives to the business which makes the business model more efficient at connecting with all types of markets.

One Deloitte survey states, diverse and inclusive workplaces generate 30% more revenue per employee and are 2X more likely to exceed financial targets. Many companies understand the benefit of having a diverse workplace, and for this reason, 68% are focusing on recruiting diverse applicants and investing in technology to reduce bias in their recruiting efforts.

How do diversity and technology relate? Well, technology and diversity in the workplace go together because with the right technology, your workplace is guaranteed to be more diverse. When companies use AI in recruitment efforts, their business will generate more revenue and be much more successful.

Ways Technology Can Help with Diversity Recruiting

Software to Attract Diverse Candidates

The first step in creating your diversity recruiting strategy is to implement software that can create job postings that will attract diverse candidates. The words you use in your job posting can send a different message than you were hoping to potential applicants. There is research that supports using more masculine words like aggressive or challenging in your job post is more likely to deter female applicants from applying. It is beneficial to invest in software that conducts sentiment analysis by identifying exclusionary language and suggesting alternatives that appeal to a wider candidate pool.

Use an Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system, ATS, collects candidate demographics to ensure compliance with regulations like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. With a built-in compliance measure like this, your company can verify the diversity of the candidate pool they’re attracting. If your company isn’t attracting the types of candidates they’re looking for, try testing different recruiting techniques to increase the diversity in your recruitment marketing efforts.

Use AI to Reduce Unconscious Bias

AI in the recruitment industry is extremely beneficial for performing mind-numbing tasks and, at the same time, reducing bias. There is a lot of recruitment software on the market and many of them provide the option to screen resumes and analyze resumes of current employees to learn the qualifications of a job. The HR recruiting AI then identifies candidates that fit this criterion while reducing unconscious bias by ignoring demographic factors like gender, race, and age.

Include a Diverse Aspect to Recruitment Marketing

According to Glassdoor, 67% of employees consider diversity an important factor when considering companies and job offers. Research has also found that diversity attracts diversity so try using this to your advantage by including images and videos on the career section of your business site that demonstrate the diversity of your company or even the diversity you’re aspiring to achieve.

Implement Diversity training

When people don’t know or understand that what they’re doing is wrong, it’s impossible to fix the problem. Like we have seen with Starbucks recently, sometimes diversity and inclusion training are a necessity for a business to undertake. If you’re afraid that your recruiters might be displaying bias in their recruitment efforts, try using one of the many online resources that teach recruiters about unconscious bias and how to use a data-based approach to increase diversity in their practices.

Having a diverse workplace is not only important to increase revenue, exceed financial targets and offer different points of view to the business but it is also mandatory to business regulations in many countries. It is also almost impossible to not have a diverse workplace in our world today, as our world has gotten immensely diverse over the past few decades. If you are looking to create a more diverse workplace for your business, try using recruitment technology that will make it much easier for you to achieve your goal.

Emily Pribanic | Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing since she was young and has a creative imagination. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family and two cats.

Emily Pribanic | Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing s...

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