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4 Ways HCM Can Improve Payroll Management Processes

4 Ways HCM Can Improve Payroll Management Processes

While payday is an exciting time for employees, the payroll management process can be a complex and straining process for HR professionals. The payroll management process is complex because HR professionals have to follow compliance regulations, ensure proper taxes are deducted, and comply with local, national, and international regulations and staying up-to-date with these laws can be difficult.

When HR professionals leverage payroll management software and HCM systems, they make it easier to ensure their compliance with all laws in place and keep employees happy by continuing to produce accurate paychecks. Let’s take a look at a few ways HCM can improve the payroll management process at your organization.

How you can improve payroll management processes in your company?

Human capital management can improve payroll management processes in more ways than one.


One of the best ways you can improve the payroll management process at your organization is to automate your entire payroll process. According to the American Payroll Association, automating your payroll management process cuts organizational costs by 80%, not to mention the number of errors it eliminates as well. When your HR department automates the payroll management process they not only simplify complexities and reduce human errors associated with manual entries but they also improve paycheck accuracy, save the company tons of money, and free up valuable time that could be used to make the company more profitable.

Real-Time Updates

While the payroll management process can be complex and time-consuming, implementing payroll management software will allow your HR professionals to access critical data and reports with real-time updates. Did you know that your workforce is not only your organization’s greatest asset but also its costliest? Most workforces are often ignored when it comes to organizational planning, measurement, and optimization which can stifle productivity and increase the number of complications your organization faces. When your HR department decides to implement payroll management software though, you can easily optimize your workforce strategy, monitor overtime trends, and avoid future complications.

Implement the Right Tools

Keeping up with changing compliance laws and policies can be burdensome on HR professionals. With the right tools in place though, your HR department will have no trouble ensuring that they are always aware of changing policies and compliance laws. When your organization implements the right tools to help your HR professionals, you not only reduce labor costs, reduce compliance risks and improve workforce productivity but you also make it easier for HR managers to monitor and manage employee benefits.

Seek Employee Input

One of the best ways to improve your payroll management process is to seek input from employees. Asking employees for input about your payroll management process can not only help you identify confusing and misunderstood areas but other areas as well including time card issues and improper timesheet submissions. Try conducting a company-wide survey of all managers and supervisors to gain a better understanding of their satisfaction with your current payroll management process. It’s also important to invite suggestions on how you can improve the payroll management process and let employees know that you care about making organizational processes easy to understand and follow.

Payroll management meaning is the act of processing financial employee records like salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions. Without a proper payroll management process in place though, your organization is most likely spending too much time and money on payroll management. Implementing payroll management software will not only allow your HR managers to focus on more revenue generating activities but reduce errors and stress associated with an improper payroll management process as well.

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Emily Pribanic
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