6 Best Budgeting Tools for Finance

by Emily Pribanic - October 9, 2018
Emily Pribanic

Emily Pribanic | Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing since she was young and has a creative imagination. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family and two cats.

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There are many online, personal, and financial budgeting tools available to use but which are the best budgeting tools on the market for your needs?

For many financial experts, budgeting seems tedious and challenging. Budgeting is essential to be able to not only ensure that your company is running smoothly but your personal life as well.

Getting control of finances is serious but it doesn’t have to be miserable, especially with the right budgeting tools. Financial budgeting tools allow you to track how you spend your money and help you plan to use it better.

Budgeting tools are essential to help you stay ahead of your finances

With online budgeting tools, you can easily devise a savings plan, get ahead of your expenses, and even develop better spending and saving habits. With good personal budgeting tools, you can even learn to properly invest your money and set yourself up for future success.

Top Budgeting Tools

There are many online budgeting tools available to help you handle your finances and some of the best budgeting tools even offer apps to manage your money from anywhere, at any time. Let’s look at some of the best budgeting tools on the market, some of which are free.

  1. GnuCash
    This free budgeting app is an excellent tool for both personal and small business use. With GnuCash, you can easily track your income and spending, as well as your bank, investment, and retirement accounts. With GnuCash, you don’t need to worry about manually inputting your account details. Just download or import OFX files from your bank and you’re ready to perfect your budget.
  1. You Need a Budget (YNAB)
    This popular personal budgeting tool offers many features and effectively teaches users solid budgeting practices. YNAB works on both Windows and Mac systems and even automatically backs up your data. YNAB is easy to use and even allows you to share your budgets with multiple users so, whether you need to share a budget with the CEO of your company or your own personal finance manager, YNAB allows you to easily do so.
  1. Mint
    Another well-known finance app, Mint allows you to connect with your bank and lenders and even sends you alerts when bills are due. Mint’s dashboard is easy to navigate and offers some flexibility with your budget which allows you to add or subtract money from it, depending on your situation. This app is great for people and companies that have a different budget each month and the best part about this app is that it’s free to use.
  1. Quicken
    This app is very similar to Mint and offers a wide range of money management software tools including business and personal budgeting tools. This app works on PC and Mac systems and has recently added a mobile version allowing you to budget on the go. Quicken not only offers an easy way for you to budget your finances but also allows you to analyze your financial situation and investments.
  1. Mvelopes (now Finicity)
    One of the best personal budgeting tools on the market, Mvelopes offers users a way to create virtual budget envelopes. This software offers three levels so it’s perfect for everyone, no matter your budgeting needs. From their basic level to their complete level and their premium level, Mvelopes offers a way that is easy to understand how to manage your finances.
  1. Acorns
    This is one of the best budgeting tools on the market because it saves and invests your spare change for you. This app tracks your credit and debit card purchases and rounds them up to the nearest dollar. Then, the app invests the difference for you into safe exchange-traded funds. A great aspect of this app is that it’s free to use for college students, allowing them to save and invest for their future.

It is important to get a good handle on your budget and these tools can help you easily do so. Budgeting tools are essential to keep your credit rating high, avoid foreclosures, and even bankruptcy. Including a set of budgeting and positive financial enablement tools in your business arsenal will help to set you up for good business success.

Emily Pribanic

Emily Pribanic | Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing s...

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