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Featured Company of the Week: Bitdefender


Bitdefender has been a trusted security provider since 2001 and uses a global security delivery infrastructure that protects a billion users, offers visionary solutions, and has gained a wealth of awards. Offering robust security that customers in more than 150 countries rely on, Bitdefender works with government organizations, large enterprises, SMEs, and private individuals. The company promises to be one of the most innovative IT security software vendors in the world with their team of over 600 engineers and researchers.

As an innovative company, Bitdefender is constantly creating breakthrough technology to radically improve their customer’s experience with security. They play a transformational role in how security is consumed, deployed, and managed whether it’s through IoT, data centers, endpoints or hybrid infrastructures. With over 15 years of security innovation under their belt, Bitdefender has never lost sight of their original vision.

Before the company even got started, the founders created Softwin, one of the first IT start-ups in post-communist Romania. In 2011, the company launched an enterprise range and virtualization security project for B2B organizations. In 2015, Bitdefender created a new customer product category with their Bitdefender Box which integrated home cybersecurity, protecting all household devices, including IoT.


  • Created: 2001
  • Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania
  • Industry: Cybersecurity Solutions, Security Infrastructure, Security Software
  • Company Size: 1.300+ employees
  • Revenue: 276.89 million lei (US$ 74.7 million)
  • Stock Symbol: Privately Owned Company
  • Nice to Know: Over 4200 new qualified reseller partners in 2015, a 75% increase vs 2014.


  • Founder and CEO: Florin Talpes
  • CFO: Niculae Dinca
  • COO: Bogdan Irina
  • CTO: Bogdan Dumitru



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