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Company Feature: Outreach.IO


About Outreach.IO:

Outreach.IO understands how technology can empower revenue teams and they believe in driving innovation. The team at Outreach.IO is determined to change the way companies engage with their customers throughout the customer lifecycle and knows technology and innovation is the key. With offices in three states and employees in 12, Outreach.IO has gained more than $125 million in funding and went from $0 to $10 million in revenue in under two years.

Outreach.IO prides themselves with being obsessed with continuous improvement and believes their grit and perseverance will change the sales game forever. From account-based sales to retention and expansion and even recruiting, no matter your needs, Outreach.IO has a strategy that will help you find success. With Outreach, you’ll be sure that your entire team, from your marketing department to you closing reps and customer success managers, are unified and producing their best work. The Outreach.IO platform enables sales and marketing alignment, management visibility, and even ops control.

Outreach drives success for their customers because, as they like to say, “We are one with our customers, treating their pain and success as our own. We’re always honest with ourselves, our colleagues and our community. We take ownership — each of us is responsible for our collective success and we find strength in diversity and inclusion.” With Outreach, you’ll be able to achieve higher performance at every stage of the sales cycle, make your sales reps more productive, and even be able to predictably manage your pipeline.

Outreach.IO may be a new company but they already offer the number one sales engagement platform on the market and offer sales teams the security, structure, governance, and flexibility they need to produce their best work, no matter the scale.

Outreach.IO  FAST FACTS:

  • Created: 2014
  • Headquarters: Seattle, WA
  • Industry: Sales Software
  • Revenue: $63.4M
  • Stock Symbol: Privately Held Company
  • Nice to Know: Went from $0 to $10M in revenue in just two years.

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