Soteria Solutions Selected For Sexual Harassment Program At NOAA
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Soteria Solutions Selected For Sexual Harassment Program At NOAA

Soteria Solutions

Soteria’s Innovative and Proven Bystander Intervention and Workplace Civility Training to be Provided to NOAA’s Geographically Dispersed and Diverse Workforce

PRESS RELEASE — DURHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Soteria Solutions, the leader in innovative programs that prevent sexual and interpersonal harassment and build safe and respectful organizational cultures, will provide bystander intervention-based, anti-harassment and workplace civility training programs as well as organizational assessment expertise as NOAA works to strengthen its prevention programs as part of a yearlong workforce initiative. Contact for their latest whitepaper on workplace sexual harassment.

With staff based in offices, laboratories, ships on extended voyages, and remote, isolated locations, NOAA faces complexities that few organizations experience when implementing anti-harassment programs. Soteria Solutions will support NOAA’s organization-wide prevention strategies by identifying opportunities for intervention, building knowledge and skills to prevent workplace harassment, and tailoring training programs to meet the diverse needs of NOAA’s 12,000-person workforce.

NOAA’s Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Manager Kelley Bonner commented, “We’re excited to build a more cohesive approach to prevention and providing bystander intervention and anti-harassment training to provide NOAA employees a safer, more respectful work environment.”

Soteria President Jane Stapleton noted, “NOAA’s approach to harassment prevention is forward-thinking; they are looking beyond simple legal compliance and working to build a better culture for all staff members. We’re very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Kelley and the NOAA team.”

About Soteria Solutions

Founded by the executive directors of the Prevention Innovations Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, Soteria Solutions provides assessment, consulting, and training programs based on more than a decade of research into effective methods for preventing interpersonal harassment and violence. Soteria’s flagship program, Bringing in the Bystander®, is currently used by more than 600 workplaces, colleges, and high schools.

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