Rick Barr Appointed as OneLogin’s Chief Operating Officer
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Rick Barr Appointed as OneLogin’s Chief Operating Officer

Rick Barr Appointed as OneLogin’s Chief Operating Officer

Rick Barr Appointed as OneLogin’s Chief Operating Officer. Barr brings global business strategy and customer enablement expertise to identity and access leader from Snowflake, DocuSign and Jupiter Networks

PRESS RELEASE — SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — OneLogin, the leader in Unified Access Management, today announced that Rick Barr will join the company as its first-ever chief operating officer. Rick Barr has a long track record of success in executive roles at leading technology companies like Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Juniper, DocuSign, and most recently Snowflake Computing where he built and managed teams focused on customer success, technical support, and professional services, among others.

“As OneLogin continues to evolve and grow, Rick Barr will provide critical expertise around enterprise and government customers in our base,” said Brad Brooks, CEO of OneLogin. “In this newly created role, Rick will now lead technical support, services, training, alliances, IT, pricing and packaging, drawing on a wealth of experience at marquee brands like DocuSign and Snowflake.”

OneLogin enables a cohesive approach to managing access for both SaaS and on-premise application environments, as well as extending access management to networks and devices using cloud infrastructure, connecting people with technology through a simple and secure login. OneLogin’s Unified Access Management platform centralizes all user directories and improves organizational security and employee productivity. OneLogin protects both SaaS and on-prem apps behind a secure single sign-on (SSO) portal with multi-factor authentication (MFA) while simplifying the user experience. OneLogin also eliminates 50% of helpdesk tickets with a self-service password reset and accelerates onboarding and offboarding.

“OneLogin is experiencing amazing growth across its channel, customer and employee base, as well as continued geographic expansion,” said Barr, “I look forward to facilitating sales enablement and support as we move upstream to larger enterprise organizations and to provide critical support for OneLogin customers in this exciting next stage for the company.”

Prior to OneLogin, Barr held executive roles at Snowflake, DocuSign, Juniper Networks and Sun Microsystems. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and an MBA from Case Western University.

About OneLogin, Inc.

OneLogin, the leader in Unified Access Management, connects people with technology through a simple and secure login, empowering organizations to access the world™. The OneLogin Unified Access Management (UAM) platform is the key to unlocking the apps, devices, and data that drive productivity and facilitate collaboration. OneLogin serves businesses and partners across a multitude of industries, with over 2,500 customers worldwide. We are headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit www.onelogin.com, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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