Retreat for Diversity Amplifies the Efforts of Chief Diversity Officers from Leading Corporations
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Retreat for Diversity Amplifies the Efforts of Chief Diversity Officers from Leading Corporations

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PRESS RELEASE — LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — The website owned and operated by Diversity and Inclusion Mavens announced dates for the Retreat for Diversity today. The two-day retreat will be held on March 11-12, 2019 at a private 24,000sq’ residence on Billionaire’s Row in Beverly Hills, CA.

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It has been a year of many notable and inspiring moments for diversity in our nation. Earlier this year, General Motors became the first Auto Manufacturer in history to have both a female Chairman & CEO with a female CFO working in tandem. The Oscars finally had a remarkable number of women and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds who achieved historic wins, Pride Parades across the nation reported record attendance levels, and most recently pop superstar Taylor Swift promoted gay rights at the MTV VMA Awards. However, when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, most corporations still have a long way to go!

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Register pre early bird for Retreat for Diversity on March 11-12 in Beverly Hills, CA until Sept 07, 2019 and save 50% off single ticket prices and get complimentary VIP upgrades for preferred workshop selections and reserved premium seating at all speaker sessions and networking events. Call our sales line for details: (310) 933-9030

The Retreat for Diversity dives deep into current trends and best practices for launching proactive diversity and inclusion management initiatives related to age, gender, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation equality, as well as that of general diversity. The retreat will bring together Global Chief and Diversity Officers from the world’s leading brands, Chief Executive Officers who drive diversity, and diversity and inclusion leaders who evangelize a corporate culture where everybody has a voice and is respected. “Our goal is to provide a platform that cultivates thought leadership and helps pave the way for future diversity and inclusion leaders,” said Christian Monk, Co-founder, and CMO at Diversity and Inclusion Mavens. According to Monk, “We have sourced a breathtaking venue that will inspire leaders from all over the world to gather with their direct peers in order to share their thought leadership. Our delegates attend to enhance not only their own diversity and inclusion agenda but also to promote advocacy for diversity and inclusion throughout corporate America and beyond.”

The two-day retreat is perfectly balanced with learning and networking activities. There are 16 interactive round table discussions that will afford the delegates ample opportunities to contribute thought leadership and to get their own questions answered by other experts. There will also be keynote presentations, expert panels and fireside chats scheduled with D&I experts and even some celebrity advocates. “We are rolling out the red carpet for our awards dinner gala which will be catered by a celebrity chef and will include personal achievement awards and corporate awards for brands leading the way with their Diversity and Inclusion initiatives,” added Monk. The awards dinner gala will be followed by a sensational after party. Diversity and Inclusion Mavens are currently working with the CAA Agency to source celebrity acts not only to entertain their guests but to also inspire them by participating in “David Letterman style” fireside chat keynotes addressing their own views on diversity and inclusion and how they have had to face diversity throughout their own careers.

Pre early bird VIP registration offer – If you are an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in your organization and would like to attend the event, you can call our sales line on +1 (310) 933-9030 and quote coupon code: 50PEB to save 50% off standard rate registrations and get a complimentary VIP upgrade on all of our registration tiers for single passes until September 07th or until supplies last. This coupon will be limited to the first 25 registrations and then it will be reduced to 25% off until the deadline.

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Founded by a gay entrepreneur living life to the fullest with a mental disability. Diversity & Inclusion Mavens are advocates on a mission to amplify the efforts of Diversity and Inclusion Leaders who evangelize a culture where everyone has a voice and is respected. Each year we recognize the TOP50 Most Influential Diversity Stars, TOP50 CEOs Driving Diversity and the TOP100 Employers for Diversity. We also organize the Retreat for Diversity which brings together global thought leaders to share their insights by moderating interactive roundtable discussions, sitting on expert panels and delivering thought leadership presentations. These retreats also feature an awards dinner gala and sensational after parties. Hosted in private mansions around the world, we create an inspiring atmosphere that is far more interesting and comfortable than standard hotel ballrooms or exhibition halls. Our next Retreat for Diversity will be on March 11-12, 2020, in Beverly Hills, CA.

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