Dstillery Appoints Michael Beebe as Company's New CEO
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Dstillery Appoints New CEO (WATCH)

Dstillery Appoints New CEO

Beebe will be responsible for helping to leverage the company’s core data science strategies and audience targets and boost Dstillery’s media activation.

Dstillery is a leading applied data science company that serves the marketing and advertising industry. Today the company announced the appointment of Michael Beebe as their new Chief Executive Officer. Beebe will be responsible for managing the company strategy which is supposed to influence its core data science capabilities and audience creation infrastructure in an effort to grow its media activation business and accelerate their emerging audience syndication.

“Together with Dstillery’s Senior Leadership Team, Michael has overseen the development and execution of Dstillery’s expanded strategic vision through a period of significant change,” said Michael DiPiano, co-founder of NewSpring Capital and Chairman of Dstillery’s board of directors. “He has demonstrated the skills and qualities that we believe are needed to lead Dstillery through the next stage of its growth.”


Beebe joined Dstillery in May 2017 as its Chief Financial Officer. He went on to become the interim CEO of the company in December 2017. Prior to Dstillery he has spent more than 20 years in the investment management industry as an analyst and portfolio manager. Working in this profile he created a data-driven fundamental investment style and in-depth domain expertise in the technology and media industries. He has also worked with Goldman Sachs for eight years as an analyst. Beebe is very well equipped with strong financial and strategic acumen. With an all around exposure working in this domain he has developed an industry expertise in marketing & advertising, media and technology.

“As an investor, I developed a deep appreciation for the value that high-fidelity data could bring to high-stakes decision making,” said Beebe. “I joined Dstillery because it has a uniquely powerful foundation of rich, clean data and world-class data science that consistently drives strong business results for its clients.  We do this every day by helping brands better understand who their consumers are, what motivates them, and how to find and reach more high-value customers. I am excited to lead this extraordinary team of data scientists, technologists and marketing professionals during this moment of extreme opportunity.”

Under the efficient leadership of Michael Beebe, Dstillery will maintain its vision of developing innovative solutions that will make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to give its clients with action oriented insights.

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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