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Cloudability Hires New VP of Marketing (WATCH)

Cloudability Hires New VP of Marketing

Portland-based cloud financial management company Cloudability has hired Jay Wampold as its Vice President of Marketing.

Wampold will be joining the executive leadership team in the company and will be responsible for overseeing all the marketing efforts of the company. His focus will be on determining a new market strategy centering the systems and best practices to empower continuous cloud spend optimization. Additionally, Wampold will be focusing on growing Cloudability’s new Seattle office.

“We are thrilled to have Jay join us as VP of Marketing and bring his extensive industry experience and passion to the position,” said Mat Ellis, CEO of Cloudability. “As we look to further our mission of empowering organizations to optimize their cloud usage, both financially and operationally, we could not think of anyone better suited to help accelerate those efforts than Jay.”


Wampold’s past experience includes serving in leadership roles at RealNetworks and Isilon Systems. Most recently he was the Vice President- marketing at an immensely funded cloud start-up Qumulo. Wampold has worked with software automation giant Chef as its VP marketing. At Chef he was one of the initial members of the executive team and was instrumental in building the emerging open source business into a globally recognizable brand and leader in the DevOps market. Wampold also had a one year stint working with Amazon Web Services directing product marketing, enterprise marketing, launch marketing, and customer engagement.

“Public cloud has become fundamental for driving business innovation and maximizing customer value,” said Wampold. “Cloud consumption has now matured to the point where many businesses are going ‘all-in’ on cloud and need to balance driving innovation with managing and controlling cloud spending. This is a key challenge for businesses using the cloud at scale. I am impressed by Cloudability’s use of data science and machine learning to provide customers with a platform that helps address these challenges and accelerates innovation in the software-first world of business.”

Wampold will be stationed at the Seattle location along with the members of the marketing, sales and business development. He will be looking at the local talent pool to fill out the requirements at the Seattle office.

Apart from their Portland Headquarters, Cloudability has offices in Boulder, Colorado; Sydney, Australia; London, United Kingdom, and their newest location in Seattle.

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