Anaplan Creates New Role, Names Simon Tucker as Chief Planning Officer
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Anaplan Creates New Role, Names Simon Tucker as Chief Planning Officer

Anaplan is on its way to engineering Connected Planning. Their purpose-built software fueled by their licensed Hyperblock motor empowers dynamic, mutual, and astute arranging. The company announced their addition of a Chief Planning Officer role, which will focus on supporting the digital transformation of the enterprise planning process over all industries.

Simon Tucker has been filling in as Anaplan’s Chief Customer Officer, and he has moved to this new position to reshape planning as a basic business process that empowers organizations to interface information, individuals, and plans to stay coordinated in a quick-moving world.

By creating the Chief Planning Officer (CPO) position, Anaplan is proactively tending to changes in C-suites of associations around the globe, as planning is a basic part of business performance. The CPO could be critical in directing the business changes that need to occur as Anaplan clients join the purpose-driven, insight-delivering platform to diminish the time from planning to execution for quicker business turnarounds.

“We are fortunate to have Simon Tucker’s extensive experience and impressive background to step into this new position that will transform planning as we know it today,” said Frank Calderoni, Chief Executive Officer and President of Anaplan. “He will exemplify, educate, and engage the industry in the shift to Connected Planning as an essential and core business capability to remain relevant in a dynamic environment.”

“From its inception, Anaplan’s platform has been transforming business planning by enabling collaboration across the enterprise at the speed of thought,” said Simon Tucker. “Today, we continue to reimagine enterprise performance management through Connected Planning—a market position I’m excited to address in my new role as Chief Planning Officer.”

With Tucker’s arrangement, Anaplan welcomes Christophe Bodin as the organization’s Chief Customer Officer. Bodin’s part in recent years has been spread across client servicing, client and field support, proficient services, and counselling. As a newcomer to Anaplan, Bodin will proceed to fortify and drive advancement in accordance with the organization’s “Client First” logic.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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