Go Behind the Scenes at Inc. Magazine with Editor James Ledbetter
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Go Behind the Scenes at Inc. Magazine with Editor-in-Chief James Ledbetter

Inc. Magazine with Editor-in-Chief James Ledbetter

PRESS RELEASE — DENVER — Inc. magazine’s editor-in-chief, James Ledbetter, is the guest on this week’s edition of Monday Morning Radio, hosted by award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart.

Ledbetter takes listeners behind the scenes and explains to small business owners and entrepreneurs the types of stories that Inc.’s editors and readers alike find most valuable.

The full interview is available to stream or download at MondayMorningRadio.com or from the iTunes store (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/monday-morning-radio/id536206924).

“Exposure in Inc. is a sure-fire way to bolster the reputation and prospect of any small business,” Rotbart explains to listeners. “If you covet that kind of visibility for your business or yourself, then you won’t want to miss this special episode.”

Ledbetter, a distinguished journalist who has been at the helm of Inc. since February 2014, tells Rotbart that Inc. seeks to “get inside the head of the entrepreneur, the founder, the person who’s running his or her own business” and provide such leaders with “practical advice that will make [their] lives better, easier, and more profitable.”

The concept of ‘overnight success’ is greatly exaggerated, Ledbetter contends. The companies that make it onto the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000, with few exceptions, “got there because they stuck at it because they figured out how to solve problems, and maybe had a little bit of luck,” he adds.

Monday Morning Radio, now in its eighth season, features some of the country’s most innovative business owners and experts, including Ken Blanchard, Charles Duhigg, Jen Sincero, Skip Prichard, Henry Mintzberg, Carl Schramm, Daniel Burrus, Steve Strauss, Dudley R. Slater, and Lindsay Pedersen.

The program is produced in cooperation with the nonprofit Wizard Academy, an Austin-Texas based school for imaginative, courageous, and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Recent guests include:

  • Michael Goldsby, a professor of entrepreneurship at Ball State University and co-author of “Entrepreneurship the Disney Way”
  • Marketing legends Ryan Deiss, The Digital Marketer, and Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads
  • Bobby Herrera, founder of Populus Group, and author of “The Gift of Struggle”
  • Joanne Lipman, former editor-in-chief of USA Today, and author of “That’s What She Said”
  • Fauzia Burke, founder, and president of FSB Associates, which specializes in creating online awareness for books and authors

Rotbart, the host and executive producer of the Monday Morning Radio, is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated former reporter and columnist with The Wall Street Journal, and co-founder of the business-to-business publisher, TJFR Group, Inc.  He serves as an advisor to All Kids Bike®, a nationwide non-profit movement to provide free bikes and training guides to kindergarten students throughout the country.

Entrepreneurs, authors, and experts who wish to be a guest on Monday Morning Radio are invited to reach Rotbart by email (visit MondayMorningRadio.com for contact information). There is no fee associated with appearing on the podcast.

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