Content Marketing World 2018 Live Blogging from Cleveland – Day 3
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Content Marketing World 2018 Live Blogging from Cleveland – Day 3

CMW Day 3

Live blogging from Content Marketing World in Cleveland, OH. The information on this page is from Day 3 of the event. Content Marketing World is the one event where content marketers can learn and network with the best in the industry. 

Kathleen Diamantakis – Making Content Mean Something

3 Things We Can Do With Content

#1 Chase it.
Spending on experience has grown 1.5 times faster than spending on things.

#2 Stop it.
Some countries estimate the majority of their citizens will adopt ad blocking technology.

#3 Change it.
Think before you speak. Read before you think.

We see increases in things like the practice of mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, therapy, and religion. Culture itself is making the change for content. The way content needs to change is in the direction of meaning.

The difference between Happiness and Meaning

  • Pleasure – Self development
  • Comfort – Inspiration
  • Carefreeness – Connection tot he whole
  • Present – Past, Present, Future

A model for Meaning: Comprehension, Purpose, and Worth

The shift in psychology can also be applied to content development.
Disease > Positive psychology > Happiness > Meaning

What makes content mean something?

For The New York Times’ T Brand, if meaning is achieved, they believe they can also achieve these 3 things:

  • Vitality
  • Well-Being
  • Life Satisfaction
Danni White
Danni White
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