5 Best Tag Management Platforms in Digital Media
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5 Best Tag Management Platforms in Digital Media

Best Tag Management Platforms in Digital Media

What is tag management and how can it benefit your digital marketing efforts?

There are several tag management vendors offering different types of tag management platforms. How can you be sure that you choose the best option to suit the needs of your company?

The number of digital marketing technologies has exploded. From customer data management systems to cloud services, social media, and everything in between, there are plenty of digital marketing tools on the market to help your digital marketing efforts.

Tag management platforms are no different. With a tag management platform, you’ll be able to seamlessly manage and bring together various applications and data. Tag management platforms also provide you with the ability to manage tags outside of website development and code release cycles, they reduce the duration of the process to implement new or revised tags, and they even reduce the time spent by your staff to manage tags.

Best Tag Management Platforms for Digital Media

Now that you understand just how beneficial tag management solutions can be to your organization, let’s look at some of the best platforms on the market.

Google Tag Manager

Google is one of the top companies in the world providing a wide of solutions, so it is no wonder they also provide a tag management solution as well. Google Tag Manager is one of the most widely used solutions on the market because the tool is free and the set up takes only a few minutes. This tag management system can be implanted without the support of your IT department or any assistance from Google. A great aspect of this tag management system is that it offers a convenient preview mode and even multi-account support. This tool can also be integrated with your other Google systems like Google Analytics.

Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

Adobe, another top company, has a tag management solution that is not only user-friendly but can also be integrated with tools like Google Analytics. One of the best tag management platforms on the market, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management, is site-focused rather than tag focused. This means that you can trigger various technologies at once instead of having to create a bunch of different rules. This tag management system is also free to use with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Tag Management Platforms
Tag Management Platforms (EMarketer)

Tag Commander

One of the best tag management services on the market, Tag Commander is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. This tool is popular because it offers an instinctive tag building interface and easy mobile targeting. Tag Commander is an enterprise-level management tool storing all data on French servers because it is a French company.


This tag management system mainly focuses on advertising tags. This tool allows you to preview, activate, and deactivate tags at your own leisure. Signal is an enterprise-class system and is free to use with Signal Fuse. While this system is extremely beneficial to help you manage your advertising efforts, it does require a little bit of JavaScript knowledge to set up.

IBM Digital Data Exchange (DDX)

This tag management system offers an intuitive user interface that can show you which IBM and third-party tags should be implemented on which pages and site zones to enhance your tag management efforts. IBM Digital Data Exchange also offers user-defined tag deployment and scheduling, versioning and rollback capabilities, and you can even verify that you’re executing tags correctly with its tag bar solution.

Tag management is an impactful practice that companies need to master in order to succeed at any digital engagement efforts. Without a proper tag management platform in place, you will not be able to effectively compete in the digital marketing landscape, causing your organization to fail.

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