Yieldify Joins Oracle Bronto Partner Program
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Yieldify Joins Oracle Bronto Partner Program

Yieldify Joins Oracle Bronto Partner Program

The new partnership between Yieldify and Oracle Bronto will allow marketers to create connected customer journeys through email and digital factors.

Yieldify is a customer journey optimization company that simplifies work for e-commerce businesses through amalgamation of smart and simple technology and expert strategy. The company has announced that it joined the Oracle Bronto Program in an attempt to assist marketers in delivering connected customer journeys. Oracle Bronto is a leading cloud-based marketing automation platform for Internet Retailer companies who fall in the category of the top 1000 companies.

For timely email sequencing, the partnership will facilitate marketers in effortlessly capturing more email addresses from their website visitors via Yieldify’s triggered onsite messages while feeding them directly into Bronto’s platform. In addition to that, the Yieldify Conversion platform successfully targets visitors who arrive on-site from Bronto email campaigns with relevant and personalized messages in order to deliver a flawless journey and a greater chance of conversion.


“With GDPR and increasingly complex privacy laws worldwide, marketers are in more need than ever of means for building their email lists and executing on them successfully,” said Jay Radia, CEO of Yieldify. “Yieldify’s collaboration with Oracle Bronto enables marketers to easily build their databases and create seamless connections between email and onsite.”

“Joint Bronto and Yieldify customers can leverage the power of our sophisticated commerce marketing automation alongside Yieldify’s innovative Conversion Platform,” said Todd Jarvis, VP, Global Business Development, Oracle Bronto. “This in turn helps create customer journeys that are seamless and relevant, allowing brands to deliver better experiences and increase revenue.”

Yieldify has delivered more than 50,000 campaigns for over 500 brands for more than 1,000 websites all over the world. This includes both growing businesses and the world’s most prominent brands such as Marks and Spencer, Domino’s Pizza and Anthropologie.

Oracle Bronto provides high-growth retailers with sophisticated marketing automation in an attempt to amplify their revenue opportunities. Their Bronto marketing platform empowers personalized multichannel content that is able to generate the higher engagement required for retail success. Bronto continues focus and maintains itself to be a leading email marketing provider and has a long list of famous brands such as Timex, Theory Books, Christopher & Banks, Rebecca Minkoff and many more.

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