Why Dark Data Is Important for Marketing
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Why Dark Data Is Important for Marketing

Why Dark Data Is Important for Marketing

With AI-powered big data analytics and machine learning applications on the rise, marketers are placing extra importance on collecting and assimilating consumer data at every point of contact.

However, all the data collected isn’t applicable. The databases have a considerable amount of what is being referred to as “dark data.” Dark data refers to the unstructured or semi-structured datasets that are never analysed or put to use.

The following categories of unstructured data usually are considered dark data:

  • Customer Information
  • Log Files
  • Previous Employee Information
  • Raw Survey Data
  • Financial Statements
  • Email Correspondences
  • Account Information
  • Notes or Presentations
  • Old Versions of Relevant Documents

Data-driven marketers are now looking at marketing through a different microscope. Machine learning and big data analytics, coupled with access to the cloud has become the modern marketer’s best friend and dark data is the thread that ties them all together.

Thanks to the growth of unstructured, or dark data, marketing methods are about to undergo a massive disruption. Marketers who analyze this data and advance and innovate at-speed and at-scale will eventually find success in their efforts.

Marketers are, thus, emphasizing on collecting and assimilating consumer data at every contact point. There is so much of untapped data in your existing data treasury, which can provide multiple insights.

Some examples of dark data application and insights are:

  • Server log files can provide website visitor behaviour.
  • Customer call detail records reveal customer sentiments and feelings.
  • Mobile geo-location data can provide traffic patterns.

To help ensure you make the most out of your dark data, you do not need to start collecting it from multiple sources. Start by looking through your data logs, mine it and classify it according to its use. This classification will then lead the way for the application of your dark data.

Want to know more about dark data? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper What Is Dark Data and Why Is It Important to Marketing.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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