What are Digital Marketing Hubs and Are They Effective?
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What are Digital Marketing Hubs and Are They Effective?

what are digital marketing hubs and are they effective

Digital marketing hubs, (DMH), provide marketers with access to the data, content, workflow triggers, and operational analytics of audiences. Access to this information allows marketers to automate execution and optimize multichannel campaigns, conversations, experiences, and data collection across online and offline channels. DMH address four main issues:

Mastery of audience profiles
Workflow and collaboration
Intelligent orchestration
Unified measurement and optimization

DMH vendors can help marketing leaders use unified cross-channel data, harvest real-time and historical data, accelerate agility, reduce risk, and access data to understand their customers’ needs. DMH vendors vary in their abilities, depending on if the marketer is a leader, a challenger, a niche player, or a visionary in their industry.

To choose the best DMH vendor for their business needs, marketers must know what type needs are to be executed by their DMH vendor, and their complete vision of the assets they want from their vendor. There are over twenty different digital marketing hub vendors that offer personalized experiences. These hub vendors are essential to marketing leaders who need a system that can integrate and coordinate data and activities across channels, devices, and contexts, continuously and in real time.

Adobe is one such visionary leader, offering a quality product and ecosystem support. They are complex, though, and have an identity management gap that needs to improve for their cross-cloud integration. BlueConic has strengths of data collection and unification, site personalization and integrations. However, they do have cautions of site-engagement focus, identity, and viability. Cxense has strengths of external data integration, partners in marketing and segment discovery, with a cautious multichannel campaign management and limited support for automating integration processes, reporting, and analysis.

There are many more DMH vendors for a company to choose from, and the vendor a company chooses will depend on the company’s needs from their digital marketing hub. The number of these vendors will change over time, as vendors decide to change their market focus and others enter the market. Digital marketing hubs are effective, and most enterprise marketers have reported that they have either fully deployed and use their market hub regularly or are in the process of deployment. Larger DMHs are at an advantage, because they offer more data connections and media resources. Before asking if using a DMH vendor is best for your company, you should be able to answer the question: what are digital marketing hubs and are they effective?

Want to learn more about digital marketing hubs and how they can be useful in your company? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper What Are Digital Marketing Hubs?

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