Want to Get the Most from Your Employer Brand?
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Want to Get the Most from Your Employer Brand?

want to get the most from your employer brand

When it comes to companies getting the most from their brand, it is important to have a single connected brand experience to offer customers. An excellent way to achieve this is to set up a page on the company’s website dedicated to the brand. This page is a great way to set up employment opportunities alongside content that shows viewers how great it is to work at the business. This connected experience needs to be constantly maintained.

There are five tips for employers to follow to make the most of their brand. When employers follow these tips, they should attract the best candidates to their open positions.

The first tip is to define who you are as a company, and what you can offer new employees. This includes defining the values of the company, and what you’re doing to uphold these value, and create a great culture. To build this understanding of who you are, it is essential to work with people across the business.

The second tip is to use different elements of the employer brand for different audiences. Just as marketers segment their customers and prospects, employers need to segment their potential employee market. Different elements of the company brand will have greater impacts on different groups of people. Tailoring the brand to these different groups is essential to appeal to each group specifically.

Tip number three is to focus on delivering a work/life match, not just a work/life balance. Candidates are interested in a job that is fully aligned with their life, not just one they can enjoy alongside their life. This means delivering experiences they want at work, not just ensuring they have enough time outside of work to have those experiences.

The fourth tip is to not see the employer brand as a tool for attracting talent, but to recognize how it can help retain talent. Potential and current employees want to work for an employer brand that aligns with their aspirations, goals, and values. Companies need to use what they know about their employees to create an employer brand that is as good at keeping people as it is at attracting people.

Tip number five is to put the employer brand at the forefront of the candidate experience. Once a great employer brand is created, it is essential to make sure it’s visible to those who need to see it. The employer brand should be known to candidates when they look at job opportunities within the business, so this message should be right in front of them.

Attracting the best candidates for your company begins with creating an excellent employer brand. Want to create a great employer brand? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper Five Tips to Help You Get the Most from Your Employer Brand

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing since she was young and has a creative imagination. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family and two cats.

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