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Voteorg partners with Flytedesk to reach younger generations

In an attempt to try to reach young voters such as students, people of color and voters who voted for the first time in the last presidential election, non-profit and non-partisan organization has partnered with Flytedesk. COO Raven Brooks said in an interview, that this particular demographic is a focus because his organization is trying to encourage a habit of voting. Had they voted in 2016 and again in these mid-terms, they would have been 55% more likely to vote again in later elections, according to Brooks.

Flytedesk is the largest network of campus media in the US that helps companies advertise at scale. In order to be able to reach out to these people, partnered with campus advertising network Flytedesk. is running 1,200 print ads in the same number of college newspapers at higher education institutions, but the emphasis is on community and smaller colleges attended by ten million students. The group is also using 2,500 billboards in 9 states and 7 metropolitan areas, as well as some digital incarnations on highways and at bus stops. is also testing a massive SMS program in nearly three dozen states. workers send out up to three voting reminders via text, spaced out over three days, to the voters on its lists. If they respond, the group has canned responses to questions that can be sent. Additionally, the organization also emails its list of over four million in attempt to increase voter turnout.

This has a number of positive implications. For political marketers, more active voters should mean more opportunities to make their case. New approaches through new channels can attract more attention than marketing through the same channels, which can simply become part of the background noise.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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