Video Marketing World 2018 Live Blog: Day 1
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Video Marketing World 2018 Live Blog: Day 1

Video Marketing World 2018 to Host Innovative Thinkers and Presenters

Luria Petrucci – Keynote Speaker – 4 Part Live Video strategy to Increase Views, Engagement, and Sales

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Luria explains that when it comes to your videos, it’s essential to be professional but keep your personality and don’t apply a monotone voice. Luria emphasizes that content is key but so is consistency.

Luria also explains that if you don’t create habit with your audience, they will get distracted and move on. To create habit with your audience your videos need to have value and be information oriented, they should include interviews with key personell and influencers, and you should also host a Q&A after each video.

Luria explains that for better engagement, you must make your audience feel special and you can implement many promotion strategies through email, social platforms, customers, in-person networks, and even live streams.

Jessica Stansberry – Convert Viewers Into Paying Customers –

Jessica discussed how to convert video views to sales. Jessica is a content & video marketing strategist, a YouTube strategist, and has a degree in Advertising & Marketing.

Jessica Started a web designing business in 2010 and believes in giving away 90% and selling the 10%.

Jessica states, “consistency brings legitimacy” when it comes to your YouTube videos and to build a channel successfully, consistency is key and you must build value. Jessica also states that quality is key and it’s important to keep in mind that many viewers are viewing your videos on TVs nowadays and they crave quality.

Jessica discussed the formula to convert viewers in her speech which includes creating, capturing, and then, after you’ve created a meaningful relationship with your audience, selling.

Nick Nimmin – – Creating Deeper Connections with Your Audience

Nick Nimmin talks about how to grow YouTube channels and grow a deeper connection to audiences. Nick owns one of the fastest growing channels in his niche so it’s safe to say he is a master at connecting with his audience.

Nick explains that YouTube is saturated with content so you content needs to stand out to separate yourself from the noise. Nick also went over the value of connection in his speech and how it can not only increase sales and engagement but add more value to your brand in the eyes of other brands.

Roberto Blake – – Audience Development Strategy

Roberto Blake is a certified YouTube marketer. has produced and edited over 1200+ YouTube videos, has built a community of 340,000+, he’s participated in over 1000 live video streams, and has worked with brands like Adobe, Dell, and Samsun.

Roberto states, “the first part of what you do is your dress rehearsal and no one is entitled to viewers for their dress rehearsal.” Roberto explains that it’s important to optimize content for everyone, even the physically disabled.

By making your videos accessible to everyone, you can include a wider range of audiences. He also emphasizes that fact that if you’re just starting out in video, “you haven’t made an investment until you’ve done it at least a dozen times.”

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing since she was young and has a creative imagination. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family and two cats.
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