Canada-based Vendasta Launches ‘Advertising Intelligence’ Tool
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Vendasta Launches ‘Advertising Intelligence’ Tool

Vendasta Launches Advertising Intelligence Tool

Vendasta’s new survey shows that the toughest parts of offering online advertising to clients is found in  building manual reports and showing return on investment.

Vendasta is making it less demanding for organizations to collate campaigns on advertising from different platforms in one segment with the release of its Advertising Intelligence. Another study by Vendasta demonstrates that building manual reports and indicating quantifiable profit are the most troublesome parts of offering online advertising services to customers. It consolidates live, mechanized reporting and special sales information to plainly show return on investment for organizations. Besides, clients can add their administration markup charges to customer reports so last cost is clear.

“Our partners deliver comprehensive paid advertising solutions to their clients through multiple channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and Google Search, and it can be a struggle for them to aggregate the results into an accurate and compelling report,” said Ed O’Keefe, Executive VP of Vendasta’s Marketplace.

Advertising Intelligence removes the manual responsibility from Facebook promotion and Google Ads crusade reporting it for Vendasta clients. The dashboard makes it simple to compare campaigns one next to the other keeping in mind the end goal to catch the big view of customers’ promoting endeavors.

Vendasta clients can get to the live digital advertising reporting and investigation for nothing at all. Extra functionalities, as in depth campaign administration, value markup abilities, and date channels, are accessible at $9 USD/month with a Vendasta membership.


“Advertising Intelligence solves that overhead problem, and delivers digital advertising reporting in an elegant and intuitive dashboard which can be easily shared to clients’ smartphones, email inboxes and through the clients’ Vendasta Business Center,” said O’Keefe. “Adding this solution to the platform is yet another step toward becoming the single login for solving all of a partner’s business needs.”

Advertising Intelligence is one of seven items in the Vendasta platform. Altogether, Vendasta offers almost 40 advanced products and administrations that provide assistance to the partners so as to please clients and scale their business. Vendasta is a software based organization that develops a platform for helping nearby organizations with digital promotions.

Through a mix of machine adapting, big data, and artificial intelligence, Vendasta empowers its clients to gain new customers rapidly, and drives them through an assortment of administration models, from DIY to complete administration teams.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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