8 Actionable Twitter Marketing Tips for Beginners

By Team Writer - Last Updated on June 16, 2020
Article gives tips to create create a powerful Twitter strategy for your business

According to the estimates by BusinessofApps.com, 66 percent of the brands with more than a hundred employees have a Twitter account for marketing purposes.

Twitter is a powerful social platform that allows marketers to grow and run your business swiftly by becoming a top Twitter trend. This social platform enables you to get organic engagements and helps to promote your brand by publishing relevant content. However, there’s something you should know.

The average shelf-life of a single tweet is about eighteen minutes, which is four times less than the posts you publish on Facebook. So, it’s a bit challenging to create an effective impact on Twitter.

Do you know, you can engage more people if you Tweet more often? This is what Pew Research Center found out exactly, in 2018. But, frequent Tweets wouldn’t help if they don’t gain attention and engagement.

That is why your Twitter marketing strategies and tweets should excite attraction. Also, it must be strong and worthwhile for followers to take immediate action.

8 Helpful Twitter Marketing Suggestions for Beginners to Become a Top Twitter Trend

According to Statista.com (2018), 67 percent of all the business-to-business (B2B) marketers are all making use of Twitter as a digital-marketing platform. So get prepared to join them by following our Twitter marketing suggestions.

These pointers can help create a powerful Twitter strategy for your business empire.

  • Choose Captivating Handle, Header Image, and Profile Picture

    Make your handle a memorable one – short, sweet, and easy to recall. This will allow your audience to easily search and tag you. For instance, H&M has a good one there. Choose the handler based on your company’s name and avoid irrelevant punctuation marks and numbers.

    Next, pay attention to the profile image. Select a simple and recognizable logo for your profile image. This will allow users to become more familiar with your brand. For example, have a look at the profile picture of Walmart.

    You can use your page’s header space to display your personality, creativity, and promote your catchy brand message like male grooming products brand named Old Spice.

  • Write an Eye-Catching Bio to Advertise Your Brand

    You have only 160 characters to make your bio right on the money. See how Chanel’s bio makes sense. Before creating your bio, make sure to keep these pointers in mind:

    • It should be accurate.
    • Boasting about your brand’s accomplishments a bit is no harm.
    • Target your specific viewers.
    • Add hashtags to make your account easily searchable.
    • Add a touch of your humor and personality while writing the bio.
  • Tweet Often and Post Them in Peak Hours

    According to the estimates of Simply Measured, 92 percent of the companies use Twitter tweets more than once per day, while 45 percent of the companies tweet one to five times a day, and 19 percent of the companies tweet six to ten times per day.

    Several users are highly active on certain days, which means that you can post your tweets frequently but specifically choose to tweet on those days to reach the utmost target audience.

    According to the calculation of Buffer, tweets that are often published on weekends have greater click-through-rate (CTRs) as compared to the other days.

  • Use Relevant Hashtags Minimally

    As stated by the blog.Hootsuite.com, tweets with one or two hashtags get 100 percent more engagement.

    Be mindful not to overuse hashtags as it will decline your engagement by 17 percent. Moreover, you can use an implement Hashtagify for your brand’s tweets to search for perfect hashtags.

    Now, let’s focus on boosting retweets.

  • Boost Retweets by Adding Images to your Tweets

    Ventureharbour.com reveals that 85.4 percent of Twitter users believe promoted accounts have helped them discover new businesses.

    To receive more clicks and shares, make sure to add gripping and high-resolution images to your tweet.  You will receive 89 percent more likes if your tweet has a relevant image. You can use a simple implement such as Canva to showcase your brand.

  • Use Video for Maximum Engagement

    When compared to plain text, pictures get the utmost attention. However, videos posted on Twitter surpass the images.  According to blog.hootsuite.com, people tend to watch two million videos on Twitter each day. Also, it is the third most important reason to use Twitter.

    Sharing videos is an amazing way to connect with followers. Also, it provides viewers to view upcoming events, new product launches, or any additional information. According to the estimates of Adweek, Twitter videos have a likelihood to be retweeted six times than photos.

  • Increase Interaction with your Followers by Conducting Poles

    To generate activity to a greater extent, try making a poll. A poll on your Twitter page is not just for entertainment. It also helps marketers to collect information on market and consumer research, to receive feedback, etc. Take inspiration from other brands like Airbnb to use polls successfully.

  • Use Effective Call-to-Action (CTAs) Words

    The notion behind creating a strong Twitter marketing strategy is to generate sales and increase clicks and downloads. While creating a post, make sure to use CTAs sparingly to increase your engagements.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is a platform that is in demand these days for online marketing. Your exertion in Twitter marketing has to be outstanding. Thus, this uniqueness will eventually put you in the limelight.

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Team Writer

Team Writer | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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