Top Online PR Monitoring and Reporting Tools
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Top Online PR Monitoring and Reporting Tools

top online pr monitoring and reporting tools

Check out these PR tools that are guaranteed to improve your company’s PR efforts.

Online PR monitoring and reporting tools are very beneficial for your company to stay on top of their PR efforts. There is an abundance of PR tools on the market to help your company so if you’re not yet using PR software to justify your public relations efforts, now is the time to start.

Nowadays, most action takes place online which has led public relations professionals to change the way they monitor and report online activities. With the constantly changing public relations field, it is essential to implement a comprehensive tool that allows your PR team to successfully monitor the online activities of business personnel and customers. While old PR methods don’t quite cut it anymore, there are many media monitoring tools on the market to improve the efforts of your PR staff or PR company.

Top Enhanced PR Monitoring and Reporting Tools


This software is a PR and social media monitoring tool. With Meltwater, you’re able to interact with your audience on your social media platforms, curate content, track your competitors and stories, and easily measure the results of all your social media efforts. This software makes it easy to interact with your social media audience and monitor your social media engagement efforts.

Agility PR Solutions

This database provides monitoring and analytics solutions for the communicators in your company. With this software, you’re able to distribute and analyze all the results of any press releases on behalf of your company. This solution also provides targeting and distribution options, allowing your company to reach niche and industry contacts. With Agility PR Solutions, you will be able to identify and connect with influencers, capture coverage and measure the impact of all your PR efforts. This software not only makes it much easier for you to monitor and measure your traditional media efforts but broadcast, social media, and online coverage efforts as well.


This enterprise-level social media monitoring tool is used by many companies to track their ongoing PR campaigns. With Brandwatch, you can monitor relevant topics, mentions, purchase intent, share of voice and top sites that mention your company. Many companies find this tool to be extremely beneficial during crisis situations or if they’re trying to monitor the moves a competitor is making. Many organizations also use this tool to track breaking news, so they can guarantee that their clients are at the top of a reporters list if a key source or comment is needed.


This is one of the best PR software on the market that allows you to input your company name, an executive’s name or any information you want to monitor. This software also allows you to monitor websites and will provide you with desktop or mobile notifications and emails when your brand is mentioned. With Mention, you can also manage social media accounts from the dashboard and complete many actions through this dashboard like respond to user posts.


This well-known PR software is one of the best on the market and its database contains more than 1.6 million journalists, influencers, and editorial contacts. With advanced distribution, tracking and analyzing features, thanks to this software, you’ll be sure to never miss a mention or fail to justify all your company’s PR efforts. This platform also allows you to run content amplification campaigns to ensure that your editorials and content show up in the recommended content modules on other sites.

Coverage Book

This top media monitoring service makes it very simple for your company to collect and present media mentions and all results from earned efforts. This tool allows you to upload any offline coverage or input a URL of the article you wish to monitor. Coverage Book will then create a screenshot and show combined views, shares, and inbound links resulting from your PR efforts. This software can also pinpoint individual articles and allows you to see their impact.

Free PR Monitoring Tools

Not every business can afford a top of the line PR software, but every company needs a top of the line PR strategy. For businesses that can’t afford a pricey PR software to improve their PR efforts, check out this list of free PR tools, many with the option to upgrade for a minimal price.

  • Mdia.infoAnewstip
  • Buzzsumo
  • WooPitch
  • HARO
  • PitchRate
  • JournoRequests
  • PR Hunters
  • Journalisted
  • Contactable
  • Google Alerts

There are many online PR monitoring and reporting tools available for your company to improve their PR efforts. Before you decided to spend a lot of money o the best PR software, though, make sure you do your research to ensure that any software you choose is the best on the market to meet your needs.

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