Top Mobile Analytics and Attribution Tools for Analytics Managers
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Top Mobile Analytics and Attribution Tools for Analytics Managers

Top Mobile Analytics and Attribution Tools for Analytics Managers

It is essential to have a proper mobile analytics tool to help you provide the best mobile app experience to your customers, but what are some of the top tools on the market to use?

Well, mobile analytics tools support the analysis of mobile and web applications and correlate data across different applications and platforms. A mobile analytics platform provides insights into how visitors experience the app on their mobile web browser. These analytics are essential to understand how visitors interact with your website, so you can provide the best experience to your customers. With more than half of customers today viewing websites on their mobile device, knowing that your website is being viewed correctly and customers can easily engage with it is essential.

What are some of the top mobile analytics tools on the market?

To ensure that your mobile marketing efforts are not wasted, you will need a mobile analytics tool to help you achieve this. Check out this list of the best mobile analytics tools on the market that will ensure your mobile marketing efforts are fruitful.

1. Pyze

One of the highest-rated mobile analytics tools on the market, Pyze can help you maximize user retention through AI-based engagement and personalization across digital platforms. This mobile analytics platform can provide your teams with cross-platform user behavior analytics and automated segmentation to deliver hyper-relevant omnichannel campaigns and even personalized content.

2. Netcore Smartech

This full-spectrum, omnichannel marketing automation software, based out of India, will allow you to deliver 1:1 customer experiences. This tool allows you to centralize campaign management across channels, so you can provide consistent, continual messages to your customers.

3. Adjust

This mobile analytics solution allows you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns across all advertising sources and will enable you to analyze and understand the engagement of your users within apps over their full lifetime, according to the value they generate. This mobile attribution tool also supports re-engagement and remarketing campaigns, allowing you to re-acquire customers you know once enjoyed your brand.

4. CleverTap

One of the best mobile analytics tools on the market, CleverTap will help you create differentiated customer engagement strategies that will help you drive business growth. This platform provides actionable, real-time insights allowing you to offer the best customer experiences.

5. Appsee Mobile Analytics

This mobile analytics tool offers qualitative mobile app analytics, utilizes user session recording and heatmaps to uncover issues, and even achieves unthinkable KPIs by adding a visual layer on top of a numerical layer, providing you with actionable insights about your customer’s experiences.

6. AppDynamics

This tool provides next-gen software that monitors, manages, analyzes, and optimizes customer experiences. This is a very trusted app used by many companies like Kraft, MTV Networks, and even NASDAQ, to accelerate digital transformation and improve customer experiences.

7. Countly

This enterprise analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web applications uses self-hosted and on-cloud options allowing you to view the end-to-end performance of your apps, send push notifications for better engagement, and even view crash reports coming from your apps. With Countly, you have a 360-degree view of your apps allowing you to understand how they are performing inside and out.

8. Amplitude

This web and mobile analytics solution offer cross-platform user journey tracking, user behavior analysis, and even has segmentation capabilities. This platform offers powerful user behavior insights, is easy to use, offers excellent customer support, and is a great value for the price.

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