The Tools Every Commerce Marketer Needs

By Kashish Ambekar - Published on February 8, 2018
The Tools Every Commerce Marketer Needs

Managing a sophisticated commerce marketing program requires more than just a simple email marketing platform. Today’s commerce marketers use an average of 7.2 marketing tactics to grow their business and keep shoppers coming back. To build or revamp your e-commerce program, you will need tools to build subscriber lists in a healthy way, manage coupons, maximize transactional messages, and message shoppers to remind them about what’s waiting in their shopping cart.

Building a solid list that encourages users to sign up for your emails can be done by using 20% of a transactional email to recommend a product or suggest a website visit. While you can encourage people to sign up at checkout or through a transactional email, those options won’t capture people visiting your site without buying. Managing coupons as a promotion often plays a role in a customer’s decision to sign up for, and continue receiving, emails. The unique coupon code generated by the coupon management app has made it easier for any company to distribute gift card codes as bonuses for high-volume shoppers during special promotions.

Another way of promoting is through shopping cart recovery. What these carts represent is lost revenue. If you can automate the sending of an email after a shopper leaves something in a cart, you can quickly, easily, and economically bring in revenue. Browsing behaviour is something one needs to be aware of. Capturing browsing behaviour helps to craft messages that will encourage purchases by the customer. It was a process that often happened outside of the email platform involving additional integrations, expenses, time, and the import and export of data.

Recommendation engines have been readily available, but not necessarily in ways that integrate easily or effectively within an email marketing platform. Offering certain recommendations is incredibly valuable to ensuring emails deliver revenue. Creating automated SMS/MMS campaigns that are triggered and filtered by customer behaviours provides another option for communicating in a personalized and segmented way.

A connector has the ability to easily transfer data from your e-commerce platform to your email platform (and back again) is important to developing a more sophisticated approach to email marketing. If importing data is time-consuming, it will be more difficult to take advantage of dynamic content and create visually rich emails chock-full of product information.

There are multiple tools available to enhance your email marketing program. When selecting tools, ask yourself questions such as: What kind of return on investment can I expect? How easy is the tool to deploy? What kind of customer support does the tool’s provider offer? How well does the tool integrate with my platforms? Exploring options to enhance your email marketing program is necessary, but shouldn’t be fraught with stress over the complications of using a tool once it’s purchased.

Want to implement better e-commerce tools as a marketer? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper. Why Every Commerce Marketer Needs These Tools to Succeed

Kashish Ambekar

Kashish Ambekar | Kashish moved to the United Arab Emirates from London after he graduated from UEL with a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Finance. Money smelled good, although tipping in rubies was a fortune in Dubai, which he couldn’t afford, let alone implement. India happened naturally by birth and the ever developing market proved no bounds in almost every Industry. The art of writing came naturally to him, short stories to profe...

Kashish Ambekar

Kashish Ambekar | Kashish moved to the United Arab Emirates from London after he graduated from UEL with a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Finance...

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