The Heart of Customer Experience: Personalization

By Kashish Ambekar - Last Updated on July 20, 2018
The Heart of Customer Experience Personalization

Personalization is the heartbeat of good customer experiences. Brands and companies want their customers to feel special and customers themselves want to feel like a product or service is tailored specific to their needs.

A marketing chief may address the executives by clarifying what as a rule formulates into a customer experience strategy, it is vital to investigate the full personalization range. This implies understanding variables of the overall client encounter, not only a depiction, to tailor experiences to every client.

The full personalization range shows how personalization can help with objectives, for example, lessening client exertion, contracting inbound call volume, expanding income, and building enduring customer relationships. Personalization is fitting a client’s involvement to the individual interests, practices, needs, and inclinations of clients.

The full personalization spectrum includes:

  • Polite personalization: This approach is tied in with exhibiting shallow acknowledgment of the client and does not include modifying the genuine engagement encounter.
  • Passive personalization: This approach does not effectively tailor encounters to particular clients and rather includes sufficiently giving alternatives and adaptability to oblige most client inclinations.
  • Productive personalization: This approach isn’t tied in by participating in profound discussions or making companions, rather it is tied in with utilizing relevant learning to diminish client exertion, reroute clients to the correct agent or asset, and give the speediest, most profitable arrangements conceivable.
  • Predictive personalization: This method is about improvising on a single interaction and often involves an anticipatory element.
  • Poignant personalization: Rather than optimizing the purchasing process or support experience, this approach involves building human connections with customers.

Customer centricity is not about thinking about customers, rather is it thinking like customers, says Oke Eleazu. “Its about really understanding what it is like to walk a mile in their shoes. Do you build processes and systems that are there because you understand the customers go through?”

Now that marketing managers department has a better understanding of the full personalization spectrum they can now reanalyze their marketing efforts to ensure they are connecting with their customers in the best and most efficient way possible.

Want to know more about how to personalize customer experiences? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper Understanding the Landscape of Customer Experience Personalization.

Kashish Ambekar | Kashish moved to the United Arab Emirates from London after he graduated from UEL with a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Finance. Money smelled good, although tipping in rubies was a fortune in Dubai, which he couldn’t afford, let alone implement. India happened naturally by birth and the ever developing market proved no bounds in almost every Industry. The art of writing came naturally to him, short stories to profe...

Kashish Ambekar | Kashish moved to the United Arab Emirates from London after he graduated from UEL with a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Finance...

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