Rockerbox Releases Multi-Touch Attribution Platform
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Rockerbox Releases Multi-Touch Attribution Platform

Rockerbox, the creator of Recency Activation Technology unveiled its latest offering – the Rockerbox Attribution Platform. The platform provides advanced multi-touch attribution and modeling that were previously only available to the largest marketers and brands.

The Rockerbox Attribution Platform comprises of the following:

1. Simple setup: With Rockerbox Attribution Platform, onboarding takes only a few days, as opposed to other platforms that take months. This enables marketers to find and deploy resources quickly.

2. Ingesting all data: Rockerbox Attribution Platform is designed from the ground up to consume all interactions between an advertiser and its customers.

3. Bespoke multi-touch models:  Rockerbox Attribution Platform custom builds fractional models for each conversion event for each of its customers, as opposed to standardized models that other providers offer.

“All marketers should be able to measure the impact of their efforts and know how to best allocate their budget. It’s one of Rockerbox’s core missions to make multi-touch attribution easy to use and available to marketers regardless of their campaign spending,” said Ron Jacobson, CEO of Rockerbox. “Until today, this level of sophistication and depth was available only to the largest brands. We believe that understanding which activities deserve credit is critical. We have built Rockerbox Attribution Platform to be simple and affordable so that attribution be easily leveraged to optimize any digital campaign.”

“Our customers vary in terms of the devices they use and the way that they interact with our brand,” said Jonathan Wasserstrum, Co-Founder, and CEO of Squarefoot, Rockerbox’s client company. “We’re marketing to them in various ways and need to be able to quickly know what’s working so we can double down on the right channels and messages. Rockerbox Attribution Platform has been a great way for us to have sophisticated multi-touch attribution in a way that’s easy to understand and act on.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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