Nosto Releases New B2B Personalization Tools
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Nosto Releases New B2B Personalization Tools

Nosto Releases New B2B Personalization Tools

One of the leading artificial intelligence enabled e-commerce platforms has developed some new B2B personalization tools to improve targeted shopping experiences.

When it comes to delivering a personalized experience in the e-commerce space, Nosto has been the leader in this sphere. In order to further strengthen its reach, Nosto has come up with new tools in tits existing capability by adding new content personalization and segmentation tools with insights. These additional tools will be providing focused online shopping engagements to customers. Brands who are on this platform are quite upbeat about these new features as it will strengthen the relationship with their customers across all channels, including social media.

For the past few years, Nosto has been demonstrating continuous growth, which is evident from some of these facts

  • The company has grown at a staggering rate of 260% over the last three years
  • There are 2500 brands with which the company collaborates across the globe
  • Through its customer stores, the company has driven $10 billion worth of gross merchandise volume


CEO of Nosto, Jim Lofgren said, “When we first launched Nosto, our focus was on delivering AI-powered, personalized recommendations for products across an online store in real-time. Today, we’re expanding these capabilities by leveraging our vast network of retail data to deliver even more robust experiences — a fully personalized shopping experience with web content perfectly fitting the customer across any digital channel. We’re energized by what we have been seeing during the beta period of these new products — increased sales and deeper brand relationships with retailers.”

He continued, “Nosto’s goal has been to deliver an expanded platform to transform the way people experience online retail by making those experiences far more relevant and personal. In order to deliver a truly personalized brand experience, retailers need to go beyond products and look at the brand experience as a whole. Today, we’re delivering tools that enable our retailers to leverage our proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, which now can be used to create memorable brand experiences at scale, ultimately driving more sales.”

Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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