NewsCred Launches Idea Lab (WATCH)
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NewsCred Launches Idea Lab (WATCH)

NewsCred Launches Idea Lab

Idea Lab by NewsCred aims to help marketers improve their content formation process leveraging social and search functionality. 

A content marketing platform provider, NewsCred has commenced Idea Lab to improve the content formation process with search and social trend information. Idea Lab enables marketing groups to recognize the points that will match the frequency of the audience, rank high in SEO results, and drive natural traffic. Advertisers can lead with automated keyword research, study aggressive rank following, and evaluate share-of-voice results to figure out which keywords to target, while guaranteeing their content will tend to ideas for which their audiences across the globe of people seek.

“Given the cost-effectiveness of organic traffic in driving business results and that 90 percent of online experiences begin with a search, it’s imperative for marketing teams to have a strategy in place to produce content that’s optimized for search at the time of distribution,” said Shafqat Islam, co-founder and CEO of NewsCred, in a statement. “We’re seeing the convergence of content marketing and search marketing, and we wanted to be the first to bring those two capabilities together inside of a single platform.


Idea Lab goes way past essential search volume data giving advertisers an all encompassing perspective of the SEO opportunity, how their brand furnishes in comparison to its contenders, and a more profound comprehension of onlookers needs. Accordingly, marketers create convincing content that increases targeted site traffic. Key bits of knowledge utilized by Idea Lab to help drive natural activity on the site incorporates Keyword Research and Recommendations, Common Questions, Share of Voice, Keyword Rank Tracking, Social Trend Data.

The NewsCred Content Marketing Platform upgrades the scale, reach, and performance of content delivered crosswise over big business by streamlining the creation procedure from ideation to publishing, enhancing joint effort between useful groups and additionally worldwide markets, and surfacing information driven insights that interface business results to content.

“It is critical for our content to rank high in search results to drive strong organic traffic and ensure that the content is being consumed by the right audience,” said Kate Walker, Content & Social Media Marketing Manager at Panasonic. “NewsCred’s Idea Lab is immensely valuable for quickly understanding search trend volume and providing intelligent recommendations, so we can hone the keywords we want to own and better optimize our content for search.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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