Nearly Two-thirds of Marketers Feel Confident Ensuring Data Quality and Integrity

By TechFunnel Newswire - Last Updated on August 27, 2020
Ensuring Data Quality and Integrity

Those in sales are least likely to have the right insights, reveals new data 

PRESS RELEASE – BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — 65% of marketers feel they are confident in their processes for ensuring and controlling data quality and integrity, compared to just 58% of those in sales, according to new research.

The study, completed by the leading marketplace for business app discovery GetApp in April 2019, surveyed 488 business leaders from several industries with 500 or fewer employees.

Of the five industries represented in the study, marketers were most likely to say they have the right data and insights to make big decisions with sales being the least likely. To gain these insights, 65% of marketers and 55% of sales leaders reported using Google Analytics for data analysis.

To improve data analysis, there is a need for better data visualization and collaboration across both sales and marketing. 45% of marketers and 59% of sales leaders reported a need for data visualization to help them analyze data.

Further to this, previous research from GetApp found that those working in sales were least likely to have data scientists. Only 38% of respondents in sales were likely to have two or more employees who collect and analyze data. The research found that businesses with data scientists are much more confident when making big decisions based on data.

Lauren Maffeo, Associate Principal Analyst, commented on the research: 

“This study shows how sales and marketing teams are not currently collaborating to get the most effective use out of their data. Whilst the number of sales leaders and marketers using Google Analytics is an encouraging sign, this is only the beginning for businesses who want to reap the full benefits of data use. 

“For sales and marketing teams to use data more effectively, we’ve provided some tips to help boost collaboration. This includes the use of advanced CRM tools, data sharing and training other internal stakeholders to work on data. By utilizing some of these tips, sales and marketing teams should find more use from their data.”


In April 2019, GetApp used Amazon Mechanical Turk to survey 488 business leaders. We required respondents to live in North America and be self-employed, employed part-time, or employed full-time to take the survey. Respondents also had to work in a business with 500 or fewer employees. They worked in one of five verticals: Accounting/finance, healthcare/medical professional, IT/tech, marketing, or sales. Of the 488 qualified responses, 66 worked in marketing and 104 worked in sales. 

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TechFunnel Newswire | is an ambitious technology-focused digital channel dedicated to highlighting the economy of information and the massive intersection...

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