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Most Effective Point of Purchase (POP) Advertising Strategy

Most Effective Point of Purchase (POP) Advertising Strategy

Point of purchase displays are a great tool to not only improve your sales efforts but make your customers more satisfied as well.

Point of purchase displays, located where purchasing decisions are made, are great ways to draw customer’s attention to similar products they may be interested in. Point of purchase or POP marketing is generally located near similar products on the sales floor to highlight vendor products that not only benefit the customer but the retail store as well.

What type of point of purchase displays are the most effective?

As a marketer, it can be difficult to know which point of purchase materials are most effective and if you should include point of sale, POS, displays along with your point of purchase advertising strategy. Since POP marketing is essential to a successful overall sales strategy, point of purchase materials should be placed all throughout your retail store, including your POS display.

Signage is the most effective POP marketing material you can display in your store because signage increases the performance of your in-store marketing efforts and draws attention to items you’re trying to promote. So, how can you ensure that your point of purchase displays are the most effective?

Offer Discounts

Customers love to save money and when they can, they’re likely to purchase more products from your retail store. When you bundle two complementary products together and offer a discount to customers for purchasing both products, they’re more likely to buy more because of the savings you’re offering. Try pairing similar items like shampoo and conditioner or offering 40% off when you buy two or more shoes.

Promote Accessories

Many items in your retail store probably work or perform better with added accessories. When you promote these accessories near items they work great with, customers are likely to see the need to add these items on to their purchase and buy them. Try offering batteries near toys or a free dessert with an entrée purchase.

Seek Vendor Partnerships

Many manufacturers will offer promotional items to be given away with the purchase of a certain product. Try reaching out to multiple vendors you work with and see if they can offer promotional products you can use in your point of purchase displays. When you offer free promotional products with your POP and POS displays, you’ll not only entice customers to purchase these products but you’ll also improve their customer satisfaction as well. Many vendors will even have ideas of what has worked with other retail shops they work with and can offer great advice to improve your own point of purchase advertising strategy.

Impulse Buys

We’ve all made impulse buys while waiting in line at the register so make sure you add POS displays to entice customers to make a last minute purchase. Try thinking back to the last time you made your own impulse buy and think why it worked for you and even what didn’t work to entice you to make a last minute purchase. When you think about what has led you to impulsively buy products in the past, you can use this experience to improve your own POP marketing efforts.

Continually Evolve

Since customers are continually evolving, your point of purchase displays must do so as well. It’s important to mix up the merchandise you offer, continually keep your POP marketing approach fresh, and constantly consider new ways to market the merchandise you offer customers. Customers don’t feel the same excitement for your promotional products if they see the same ones week after week so make sure you update your point of purchase displays regularly.

Once you have been working on your POP marketing efforts for a while, it’s important to critique how effective your strategy is and understand why parts of it may not be working. While point of purchase advertising increases your sales for a day, it also entices customers to come back and make future purchases at your store. POP marketing is not just about increasing sales, it’s also about creating satisfied, life-long customers.

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing since she was young and has a creative imagination. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family and two cats.
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