How Micro Influencer Marketing Can Boost Your Business
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How Micro Influencer Marketing Can Boost Your Business

How Micro Influencer Marketing Can Boost Your Business

Use Micro Influencer Marketing to See Your Sales Soar

Using micro influencer marketing to boost your business in 2018 is a must. The right micro influencer marketing campaign will boost sales immensely.

You’d heard the term “micro influencer marketing,” but it wasn’t something you were all that familiar with until your company sent you to a social influencer marketing conference, where you heard the term used over and over. In fact, just about every speaker at the event emphasized the importance of using micro influencer marketing to boost your business success.

How Micro Influencers Increase Sales

So how does it all work? The concept is a relatively simple one. You pay a well-known person to endorse your brand via a social media post. If you’re on any social networking outlet, then you’ve likely seen micro influencer marketing, maybe without even realizing it. Perhaps it was a photo of your favorite radio personality using teeth whitening strips, really hamming it up, but clearly recommending the product by brand name at the same time. Because that radio celebrity has a steady following of about 3,000 local people by being the voice they hear throughout their daily morning commutes to work, she would likely influence them to try the product simply because she endorsed it. Perhaps they’ll notice their own teeth are looking a bit stained, or maybe they’ll just decide they’d like to try a product they didn’t know about before. Whatever the reason, this is the world of micro influencer marketing.

Micro influencer marketing is much less expensive than traditional influencer marketing, and in reality, you’re getting more bang for your buck. The “influencers” you’re employing at the micro influencer level may have several thousand followers as opposed to the bigger named celebrities’ millions of followers, but traditionally, your micro influencers are stacked with a more intentional fan base. The thousands following a micro influencer are more invested because they either know the person on some level or at least have more of a connection with them than they would to a big Hollywood star. Micro influencer marketing can boost your business in a myriad of ways for this very reason. Thousands of people are seeing a bona fide endorsement of your products or services from someone they truly believe in. It doesn’t get much easier than utilizing a well-known, beloved person to publicly recommend your brand.

Micro Influencer Marketing Tips

Beginning the process of micro influencer marketing is as easy as combing through your social networks in search of the right advocate. Or, if you’d rather not spend the time tracking down someone yourself, you might choose to purchase a database of potential micro influencer marketers. It’s important to choose wisely when choosing your micro influencer. For a fairly over-obvious example, you wouldn’t want a well-known vegetarian to post something about how much he or she just loves your meat products. Not only would that post cause mass chaos and ignite a fire with fellow vegetarian followers, but it would also likely plant doubts in the minds of all followers as to the authenticity of your products.

A few other tips to consider when choosing the right micro influencer marketer for your products or services:

  • Reputation of the endorser
    It’s probably not wise to employ someone who’s caught up in the midst of a scandal to promote your brand.
  • Trust, trust, trust
    This person is posting on your company’s behalf, but you’re not going to be putting the words directly in their mouth. You’ve got to be able to trust that they’re going to give you a truly validated endorsement.
  • Take it slow, and do some research
    There are tons of resources available to you in regards to micro influencer marketing. Use them to fully understand how it all works before you get started, and you’re sure to see the benefits.

Micro influencer marketing is the best way to boost your business in 2018, and it’s certainly not a hard process to begin. You might even want to think about attending a marketing conference or two to help you learn some new influencer marketing campaigns and provide you with strong influencer marketing tools. Either way, using micro influencer marketing to boost your business is a must.

Amy N Barkman
Amy N Barkman
Amy works in higher education and has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She loves to read and write, and spends the rest of her free time exploring, fishing, camping, and just being outdoors with her husband and young son. Amy enjoys using her creative talents for writing and graphic design whenever possible.

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