The Importance of Creating a Connected Customer Experience
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The Importance of Creating a Connected Customer Experience

The Importance of Creating a Connected Customer Experience

Customer service is a primary element in the success of a business, and many companies are seeing this as a critical factor that can make or break a deal. Thanks to digitization, modern customers are very well-informed and demand a high level of bundled services. The choices in technology are broad, and businesses seek to use these technologies to change the way customer service is addressed.

These various channels include mobile apps, social media, and now, artificial intelligence. However, businesses must understand that a bad customer experience today is not just a grumpy cashier or negative receptionist. A bad customer experience today is one in which the customer is taken through a disconnected journey. There is no proper coherence between the various channels to deliver a cohesive customer experience.

As a marketer, you should make sure you are asking the right set of questions at the right time to ensure a connected customer experience. For example, if you have sent out an email, newsletter, or tweet, do you want to get feedback at every instance? Don’t think that’s the right approach?

Enterprises create multiple touchpoints to deliver customer experience. They are creating silos and not trying to focus on the end-to-end journey. The key factor is to have a way to measure customer satisfaction. It should be achieved in a way that connects all channels and delivers a comprehensive experience. It is important to bring in the behavior factors of a customer to help deliver a better experience across multiple channels.

Enterprises must also understand the tastes and preferences of their customers, which can be captured through data coming from various channels, including social media. Once the information is in place, it is about leveraging technology to create automated processes that will deliver an experience that meets the expectations and demands of customers.

Today, banks are required to deliver more open services, thanks to fintech startups that have cropped up and are completely changing the face of financial transactions. The traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are now forced to deliver omnichannel experiences, courtesy of e-commerce giants such as Amazon who deliver experiences across all channels. With this type of expectation, marketers must find and implement ways to create a cohesive and connected customer experience.

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Creating a Connected Customer/Consumer Experience

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