HubSpot Adds Vidyard On-Board Video Integration
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HubSpot Adds Vidyard On-Board Video Integration (WATCH)

HubSpot Adds Vidyard On-Board Video Integration

Hubspot is a leading inbound marketing and sales platform. The company has introduced a native video function to its platform via integration with Vidyard which is a leading business video platform.

According to Vidyard co-founder and CEO Michael Litt, this new function highlights the growing importance of video in business and it operates within the HubSpot dashboard for marketing, sales or service. This latest solution is powered by the industry led online video platform and Vidyard’s flagship personalized video messaging app called Vidyard GOVideo.

The video function is supposed to enable the marketing, sales and service teams to create, share and track personalized and interactive videos without any difficulty within the HubSpot growth platform. This will also help towards the growth of the businesses by connecting with customers in more personalized and authentic ways. Earlier the HubSpot users were required to embed a video created with external tools.

“Video is the most powerful way to truly connect with customers and deliver the types of personalized experiences they’ve come to expect. But for most organizations, video remains difficult to create, impossible to track, and disconnected from the applications that drive their business,” said Michael Litt, CEO and Co-founder of Vidyard.


Litt went on to say, “We’re solving these challenges today and are thrilled to partner with HubSpot because they share in this vision. HubSpot users now have access to the industry’s best tools for video hosting, video analytics, and personalized video creation throughout HubSpot helping them generate more business and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Besides publishing a video within a landing page and utilizing a built-in video recording or recording an on-screen activity, the Vidyard integration furthermore lets marketer to include clickable calls to action in an overlay on top of the video. As the video is utilized only on a brand’s page or in a brands messaging, this functionality is designed to compel the prospect to take action. Due to the way its designed it cannot be used in advertising. The video that is created is not only playable on the Vidyard player on HubSpot but it can also be exported in a variety of formats.

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