How Important is Programmatic Audio for a Mobile Marketing Campaign? 
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How Important is Programmatic Audio for a Mobile Marketing Campaign?

Programmatic Audio for a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Take a moment to think through your regular day. How often would you say that you have the time to sit and view anything online? For busy adults, this number is low. Most of those who can get online are more likely to be researching for work, responding to emails, or other business-related tasks. This means that through visual display ads are important, there are many people not seeing them.

Now, think through your day again. How often do you have time to listen to music, podcasts, or something similar? In truth, there are pockets of time throughout everyone’s day in which they can listen. It may be when you are at the gym, driving in your car, going for a walk, or any number of tasks that do not require heavy thinking.

Benefits of Programmatic Audio to Marketers

Even stay at home moms are learning the value of listening to things when they are folding laundry, cooking dinner, or completing other household tasks. This makes programmatic audio a very important piece of a successful mobile marketing campaign. The following are five benefits marketers can experience from putting programmatic audio to work.

1. It Gives You Access to a Larger Audience

As mentioned above, the number of people who have or take the time to see display ads is low. However, there are many others taking advantage of those small pockets of time, especially on their mobile devices. In fact, statistics show that only 24.2% of digital audio listening is done on desktop devices as opposed to a staggering 75.8% on mobile devices. This makes sense seeing that most people are on the go these days and rarely have time to be tied down to one spot.

2. Audio is Less Likely to Be Ignored

Online ads are very easy to overlook or ignore. Ignoring advertising audio is not so easy. Usually, when someone is listening to the audio, they are engaged in another task, i.e. driving a car. Attempting to change an audio channel during these times can be dangerous or even impossible.

Additionally, free music services often play ads that cannot be skipped. Spotify has over 100 million users, a large percentage of which only use the free service, which contains ads. Once listeners find a station, channel, or podcast they like, they will more likely listen through the ads than search for a new one to listen to.

Consider also the company, restaurants, or other public places that play music services. For those present in those places, they have no choice but to hear the advertisements that are played. All of this leads to a better chance of getting your advertisements in front of people.

3. It Provides Increased Engagement

Another great benefit of programmatic audio is that it is working even when you are not, and on a deeper level. Listeners often feel more connected to hearing something than when they are reading it. This is especially true during the podcasts. Although it is merely a one-way conversation, it feels more like a two-person conversation as the speaker is talking to them. This principle can be put into effect outside of podcasts, as well. Even better is that you are speaking to your audience through these advertisements for as much time as you are paying for, meaning that they can hear you at any point through the day.

4. Audio is a Versatile Medium

Audio is not limited in where it can be heard- it can literally be listened to anywhere. With your mobile device and a set of headphones, people can even listen in a library if they choose. Putting your ads in a space that can go anywhere is a very wise move.

5. You Have Less Competition

When you do have time to get online, you probably notice that there are many things vying for your attention, especially ads. Purchasing ad space online does not guarantee a lot of exposure, mainly because your ad will likely be fighting at least one other ad for the viewer’s attention.

Audio is much different. There is only space for one ad at a time. If two audio advertisements played at the same time, it would be chaos. Fortunately, that is not the case. With audio advertising, you get the time and the space you pay for all to yourself.

With the influx of podcasts, smart speakers, Wi-Fi enabled cars, and other audio avenues, it is vital to make programmatic audio a factor in your mobile marketing campaign. Fortunately, it is extremely easy for anyone to do. When you are ready to put programmatic audio to work in your mobile marketing strategy, there are numerous resources and avenues to consider.

Spotify offers advertising space that can prove extremely beneficial, but music services are just one type of ad space to put to work. Research podcasts that relate to your business or industry and reach out to the owner for information on purchasing their ad space. As you adapt your mobile marketing strategy, make sure that programmatic audio is a large factor.

Danni White
Danni White
Danni White is the Director of Content Development at Bython Media, the parent company of,,, List.Events, and

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