How AI is Changing Advertising Business
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How AI is Changing Advertising Business

How AI is Changing Advertising Business

All businesses are changing thanks to AI and the advertising industry is no different.

Once you have a better understanding of how advertising agencies are using AI to improve their ads and their reach, you will know why AI is an excellent tool that is changing the business in a major way.

Thanks to AI and machine learning, all industries are changing in a major way, especially the advertising business. As AI-powered advertising continues to disrupt advertising agencies, we are seeing more advertisers put more emphasis on data and they’re using AI to make more meaningful actions based on that data. AI is altering business strategies in a big way and even affecting the way agencies employ and hire future employees. AI in marketing and advertising is still in its early stages but sooner than later people will need to be well versed with the understanding of how AI works.

AI in The Advertising Business

One-way AI is changing the advertising business is through analyzing and making the most out of customer’s information. Thanks to AI’s predictive nature, it can predict whether a campaign that is launched will be successful or not. Thanks to AI, the future of artificial intelligence advertising will lead to much more personalized ads.

AI is also sharpening the algorithms agencies use that automate the buying and selling of inventory. Programmatic advertising is the latest trend increasing the effectiveness of the way companies buy and sell ad space. AI has not only improved the buying and selling process for agencies through programmatic advertising but it has also drastically improved the quality of the ads companies use to fill that space.

Another way AI is changing the advertising business is through answering complicated questions and being able to handle mass datasets like the ones accumulated by marketers and advertisers. Thanks to AI, marketers can make the most of their market research and are better able to create captivating campaigns that are more likely to increase conversions and improve their brand equity.

Many advertisers face the challenge of the inability for them to match relevant creative content and context with the right media choice. Being able to put the right message in front of the right person at the right time is becoming increasingly difficult. AI is improving this process, though, by using data gathered about how customers are found and following them through the sales funnel to learn more about their buying behavior. It is a huge mistake to serve an ad that doesn’t create any positive intent but thanks to AI, this is hardly ever done anymore.

AI is a powerful tool that is improving many industries in many major ways but it also comes with some challenges. One of those challenges AI will need to overcome is the privacy issue it raises. Many people don’t like the idea of their information being collected and used, especially if they’re not aware of it or can unwillingly agree to share their data. Thanks to the recent Facebook scandal where Facebook misused millions of people’s data, AI is under a bit of scrutiny in the privacy area.

AI can scan and learn from audiences and decide which messaging tactic is the most powerful and relevant to your brand. AI is also able to verify what marketing efforts you’re using that work best and can inform you which efforts you’re using that are the most responsive.

The future of all industries is AI and the advertising industry is no different. AI is changing businesses in major ways, especially in the way they market to their audience. Does your company use AI in its marketing and advertising efforts? If not, it might be time for you to consider implementing AI platforms that can give you better results when it comes to your marketing efforts.

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Emily Pribanic
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