Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Know for 2018
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Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Know for 2018

Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Know for 2018

In this new year, consider these digital marketing tactics for your marketing plan.

For digital marketing, the strategies and tactics necessary to succeed are constantly evolving. Getting on the front end of this massive revolution is key to staying ahead of the game.

With the new year in full swing, it’s important to evaluate your marketing strategy to see if there are any ways that you can improve it. The business world is constantly growing and the competition never lets up, meaning that you need your digital marketing plan to be A1. Here are some digital marketing tactics that you need to know about in this new year.

Google Mobile Ads

Mobile is no longer the future, it’s “the now.” One online marketing trend you can use to maneuver through this more evolved mobile terrain is by leveraging Google Mobile Ads. Google Mobile Ads can be very versatile with its many features and can capture users’ attentions in different scenarios. For example, consumers can now be ready to make a purchase at any time and day through mobile devices as they are now towards the end of their journey in these moments. These users generally know what they want in general and are deciding on which purchase is best for them. Price extensions are a go-to tool to convert users during these moments. They provide more value to your text ads by conveying more insights about your business, such as offerings, and directly linking users to your site.

These are also great opportunities to test out Google’s new mobile extensions, promotion. Promotion extensions gives you the ability to show special sales and offers through your ads by making them stand out to consumers. Being easy to update, you can customize your promotion details to convey information such as if it’s for a special occasion, how long it’s going on for, what kind of promotion it is, or if a promo code is needed. These new extensions make Google Mobile Ads a digital marketing technique with a lot of potential.

Voice Search is Coming

With the rise of AIs in your personal devices, the usage of voice search has grown significantly in recent years and will continue to. A comScore report predicts that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. Though, voice search isn’t going to take over right now, it’s never too late to prepare and be ahead of the game. When building out your voice search marketing strategy, you should experiment with both short and long keywords to see which keywords are best for your campaign. Today’s consumers are always on the go, meaning that you may be able to capture some local searches and drive them down the funnel very quickly.

Machine Learning with Marketing Automation

Machine learning is no longer a sci-fi make believe idea, it’s developed into a very useful tool for marketers. Machine learning has become very popular for email marketing in recent years as it can effectively optimize campaigns. However, this year, consider using machine learning in new ways such as personalization. As you may know, audience targeting has become one of the most important aspect of marketing and machine learning can now help you target your ideal audience better. With this technology, you can resonate and drive users down the funnel with effective personalization.

Don Q. Dao
Don Q. Dao
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