How to Determine the Best Social Media Platform for Your Brand
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How to Determine the Best Social Media Platform for Your Brand

How to Determine the Best Social Media Platform for Your Brand

Long gone are the days when advertisers had to wait for their advertising campaigns to deliver results weeks after the campaign was launched. Thanks to social media, the face of advertising has completely changed the face of brand promotion.

Social media advertising is an inevitable component of the digital initiative taken by marketing teams. Recently, there have been many technological changes to these social media platforms. For example, some platforms have made changes in their algorithms. This has ensured a better experience for some users who get associated with the brand through social media channels.

Further, marketers today must work to strike a balance between what is called organic content and promotional content. If the content is all about promotion of a brand rather than the benefit the brand can bring to the individual, there is a high possibility that the customer might just walk away.

According to research done by eMarketer, the year of 2017 saw worldwide spending of $35.98 billion on social media advertisements. As we see this trend moving upward, it is important for marketers to understand the right strategy is put in place and monitor the performance of all paid social media advertisement campaigns. This includes considering the insights marketers get at the end and what is working and not working for them.

Selecting the right social platform is a critical task. Every campaign has a specific objective and tagged to that objective is the right social platform. You can’t convey the same message on all platforms. However, certain messages can be relayed across all platforms as the objective might be to convey important news about the brand with the audience.

It has been observed that Facebook still holds a large piece of this puzzle when it comes to preferred social media platforms. However, it is not necessary that Facebook should be on top of your list. There are certain factors that a marketer needs to consider when defining a specific social media advertising strategy:

Goal Definition

Each social media campaign needs to have a goal defined right at the beginning. This will enable you to further define your strategy and key performance metrics.

Audience Definition

Once your goals and objectives are defined, it is time for you to define your target audience. Every social media platform will have a unique target audience that is aligned with your objective. Define your campaign personas for each channel.

Select the Appropriate Platform and Content

The audience in each social media platform is unique. While there is some overlap in the characteristics of audiences, the content that needs to be delivered across these channels is dependent on the target audience of the channel.

Targeting Options

As soon as the target audience and the content is set up, then it is all about selecting the right promotion and targeting options such as characteristics, demographic traits, and locations.

Determining the right social media platform for your brand is more about content publishing and trying to make the audience feel the brand, instead of coaxing them to purchase a product. When the target audience starts relating their emotions to the brand, purchasing happens on its own. This is what drives social media advertising.

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Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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