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Decibel Releases Decibel for Apps

Decibel Releases Decibel for Apps

Leading global digital experience intelligence provider, Decibel, announced the release of ‘Decibel for Apps’.

Decibel for Apps extends its innovative behavioral digital intelligence from websites and mobile to native apps. It identifies problem areas for app customers, uncovering actionable insights for user experience (UX) designers and developers.

Additionally, the platform offers benefits such as the ability to:

  • Quantify and benchmark every app experience using Decibel’s Digital Experience Score.
  • Empower UX designers to create a streamlined and optimized user interface.
  • Provide experience data that can be utilized across the organization for a variety of business purposes.

This platform has been built to measure and improve the mobile app customer experience. By gathering behavioral insights such as frustration, confusion or reasons for abandonment, Decibel for Apps can alert user experience and app designers and developers in real time with the necessary information to improve the experience. This is the latest advancement in Decibel’s mission to deliver brands the most comprehensive view of the customer journey across all digital touchpoints. Some of the largest companies in the world, such as Lego, General Motors, British Airways, and Allstate Insurance use Decibel to discover opportunities to transform digital experience, drive brand loyalty and grow their businesses.

“There’s a clear initiative for leaders to offer an impeccable experience for customers, yet it’s hard to decipher the reasoning behind why digital customers, especially on tablets and cell phones, don’t convert to purchases,” said Timothy de Paris, CTO at Decibel. “To provide a solution that helps marketers and developers alleviate those problems across web and apps is a win-win for the brand and the end user. Providing a positive experience for customers has always been our main goal at Decibel, and we’re happy to offer a new capability that helps brands succeed in the e-commerce revolution.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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