Best Customer Journey Mapping Tools

By TechFunnel Contributors - Published on August 31, 2020
List of customer journey mapping software for businesses

What is Customer Journey Mapping Software?

Customer journey mapping software helps to streamline strategic business planning. This allows companies to create a plot of client locations onto visual maps and align those resources accordingly. When mapping customers, companies can help identify areas of opportunity for revenue as well as growth.

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List of Customer Journey Mapping Tools You Should Try

  1. Trello

    Trello is known for its flexible, visual, and light design functions. It’s known for its excellent UX design and happens to be more simple than Asana. It offers a majority of features for a project management tool, but one thing to watch out for is its slow time-tracking and lack of reporting.

  2. Lucidchart

    Lucidchart is easy to use and offers simple online templates that you can use for presentations and graphics. It is a collaboration software that’s easy to grasp, which is why users find it functional. However, different payment packages only offer certain features. Overall, Lucidchart is great for creating flowcharts and diagrams.

  3. Asana

    Asana, the top work management tool for marketers, offers flexibility and power for companies and businesses to manage deliverables and workflows. It is a top pick for an Editors’ Choice due to its modern UX design and intuitive features. One downside would be its four tiers of different price plans.

  4. Microsoft Visio

    Microsoft Visio is a professional customer maps software that offers great sharing functions that allow you to gain real-world insights and create professional diagrams. Visio also offers a great number of templates for design functions, especially for data and process flow diagrams, network diagrams, and floor plans.

  5. Lucky Orange

    Lucky Orange offers features such as dynamic heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analytics, polls, and live chat. This software has a reputation for its dynamic heatmaps, which is a helpful tool that marketers often use to regularly look at a user’s experience online. Lucky Orange is best for small to medium-sized businesses companies.

  6. UXPressia

    UXPressia helps designers create visualizations for their research on online users. This software offers different forms of personas, customer journeys, and impact maps. It has an excellent reputation with the customer experience and enables service design thinking.

    This software provides outstanding value for your money because it does not come at a very expensive price. Some things to look out for with UXPressia is its design function as well as its lack of editing and unlimited personas.

  7. Mural

    This is one of the best digital workspaces for visual collaboration. Mural allows users to collaborate with its “virtual whiteboard” and design any type of templates that can span from roadmaps, diagrams, and other visual methods.

    Some setbacks to look out for with Mural is its lack of media library, simple design functionality, and limitations to some features based on what payment plan your company subscribes to.

  8. Gliffy

    The main takeaways about Gliffy is that it’s easy to follow software that offers simple templates for diagram creation. Real-time collaborations are not too bad, and it’s overall, affordable software to purchase. Gliffy is also known as an alternative to Visio.

    Aside from its pros, some setbacks to keep in mind with this software are its limitations with its features, and the sharing functions are not as great as other customer journey mapping software.

  9. Miro

    The online collaborative whiteboard platform offers digital sticky notes for planning and managing workflows. Miro is great for cross-functional teams, and allows collaboration, brainstorming of visual ideas with its UX interface.

    Some things to keep in mind about Miro is its lack of cheaper subscriptions, but overall, it’s considered to be a revolutionary tool for businesses at a small to an enterprise level.

  10. Adobe Experience Platform

    The Experience Platform from Adobe offers real-time customer profiles, continuous intelligence, open and extensible templates. This is definitely a software that centers around its customers.

    So marketers looking for a software that has an impeccable customer persona, then this platform is just for you. It’s not a very user-friendly software at first, but the Adobe Experience Platform is innovative.

  11. OmniGraffle

    OmniGraffle is a software that’s best for its usage for diagram software. This is often used by professional artists and designers as well as data mappers. With OmniGraffle, users have the ability to design website wireframing, electrical systems, and other maps of software.

  12. Smaply

    Smaply is good software to use. However, it is not so great with persona templates and orientation customization. Overall, Smaply is known for its unique domain with customer experience. It has slightly functional ease of use, but not it’s for every company.

  13. Visual Paradigm

    Visual Paradigm is best for software development teams that want to build the right kind of software based on requirements being mapped out through diagrams. Its software is known for its professional templates for diagrams and software flows. The software offers various options, making it difficult for some users.

  14. MaritzCX

    MaritzCX is great for large enterprise companies who are seeking to enhance customer retention and lifetime value through ingraining insight from the customer experience. This software has excellent data integration and customer experience features. However, be aware of its tendency to crash, and its poor integration with certain products.

  15. Clarabridge

    Clarabridge CX is a customizable tool that can improve your customer experience levels. Although it has a good range of features, this software has limited options when it comes to customization. With that said, this software is complex, and not recommended for companies who are starting out.

  16. Workzone

    Workzone is known for its ideal project portfolio management software. It’s a software that’s easy to manage and track data with. Companies such as Wells Fargo and Verizon use Workzone to run projects and keep track of tasks within teams.

    Despite being a pricey software depending on different tiers in its pricing structure, Workzone is a great customer journey mapping software because of its great collaboration amongst teams.

  17. WebEngage

    WebEngage is full-stack marketing automation and customer data platform that assists consumer business to drive more revenue from their users. This software includes an intuitive interface and design, marketing automation, personalization, and several customer journey mapping tools.

    A downside with WebEngage however, would be its pricing model. Overall, this software is pretty good for companies from multiple industries.

  18. MoEngage

    MoEngage is a very well designed customer journey mapping software that’s easy to use with its real-time analytics and customer segmentation. When it comes to automation, MoEngage is user friendly and convenient.

    It has the ability to track actions amongst users and provides deep insights for analytic reports. Some cons to look out for with this software are its limited templates and the lack of customization with static content elements.

  19. Touchpoint Dashboard

    The main focus of Touchpoint is its customer journey mapping. For this customer software, Touchpoint offers easy and fast editing of its template designs, which makes it is a functional UX platform overall. Setbacks for this software would include its lack of data integration and complex user experience, especially with collaboration amongst teams.

  20. Cisco WebEx Experience Management

    Cisco WebEx provides simple design functions, which can make it easier for companies to analyze data for customer experience. Aside from simple functionality, Cisco WebEx has a simple data integration, which can make it both easy and difficult for people that want unlimited features for their customer journey mapping software. Overall, this software is good for customer experience and startup companies.

  21. IBM Journey Designer

    IBM Journey Designer is a customer journey software that offers lead management and email marketing solutions. It has the ability to keep track of performance insights, promote personalized communication in real-time, and feature campaign automation. One setback with Journey Designer, however, is the limited options that it offers based on each paid subscription.

  22. UpWave

    UpWave is a customer journey mapping software that allows companies to prioritize tasks a lot easier. It has the ability to have integrations with other platforms such as Slack, and it can carry up to five projects under its free trial. A couple of downsides with UpWave is its payment plan costing $4.00 per user every month and its technological issues with task management and project collaboration.

  23. Suite CX

    Suite CX 360 is a software that’s simple in its functionality and easy searches. However, there are setbacks with this software because of its poor ease of use and lack of customer service features. Ideally, Suite CX may work for certain companies, but not for the majority.

Final Thoughts

In hindsight, it’s important to use customer journey software to keep track of consumers. This will assist you in searching how customers experience your brand versus how your company hypothetically thinks they experience it.

It gives you honest results in customer interaction and solutions on how to improve engagement rates.  Customer journey map software plays a key role in predicting your brand’s success and every decision a customer can make online.


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TechFunnel Contributors | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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