Best Video Optimization Tools and Techniques
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Best Video Optimization Tools and Techniques

Best Video Optimization Tools and Techniques

Optimizing videos is simple with a few tools and techniques.

Optimizing video for video marketing is essential for businesses to achieve. The best video optimization tools and techniques will not only ensure the company’s videos are viewed more than their competitor’s videos but also ensure their videos are being viewed the best way.

Video marketing is one of the fastest ways marketers are engaging with consumers. With video, marketers can connect and engage with their consumers on a deep, more effective level. Videos also increase brand awareness and drive traffic.

What Marketers Really Need to Know About Video Optimization

When creating video content, marketers need to not only optimize the video for viewing and loading but also for searching. There are a few video optimization techniques marketers should be aware of. The first one is to optimize the video for the web and viewing and reduce the video size online. It is essential to ensure the video footage is high-quality and formatted to look the way it was intended for all targeted platforms. This may require the marketer to compress the video file online and can be achieved using an online file compressor, online video compressor or a video size reducer.

Another video optimization technique is to optimize the video for loading and searching. The best way to optimize videos successfully is to first take into consideration the type of video that needs to be optimized. Videos used in video marketing come in all shapes and sizes like live video, motion graphics, animated videos, 360 videos and virtual reality videos. Video file sizes can’t be too large or the video will not load correctly or load too slowly. Making videos YouTube search engine optimization friendly is important due to that fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web.

YouTube Video Optimization Tips

An important tip for creating effective video marketing is to ensure the video is at the top of the list on the YouTube search engine. A few YouTube SEO tools to ensure a video is found first are to focus on hooking viewers in the first 15 seconds, incorporate ways to boost user interaction signals such as, asking them to like and subscribe, and add descriptions to videos that relay the most important information in the first 100 characters. It is important to understand that bad videos can’t be optimized, only good videos can.

The three most important characteristics of a good video are great sound, a great theme, and great visuals. Short, memorable titles and target keywords added to the meta and tags are a few search engine optimization tips to ensure a company’s videos are viewed more than their competitor’s videos.

Video Optimization Software

There are a few video optimization software services YouTube suggests their users use to increase their search engine optimization. The first is called Tubebuddy. This software is a free browser extension that integrates directly into YouTube. This software helps companies run their channel with ease and includes features like backing the channel up, vid2vid promotion and copying annotations. Handbrake is a software that allows companies to compress their video’s size without decreasing the quality. This software reduces the video size while keeping the quality, resolution and frame rate the same. Vidooly is much like Tubebuddy but serves different optimization methods. This software gives detailed statistics about the company’s channel like viewer gender, age, nationality, and location, watch time, and the best time to upload based on the channel’s subscribers.

Optimizing videos for video marketing campaigns and YouTube is easy once a marketer uses the best tools and techniques available. Optimizing videos for viewing, loading, and searching is essential to ensure the most number of consumers view the video. Companies need to be aware of these optimization techniques to assure that their videos are being viewed more than their competitor’s videos. Video marketing is crucial for any good marketing plan but only if those videos are being viewed by consumers.

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