Benefits of Combining Digital with Traditional Marketing
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Benefits of Combining Digital with Traditional Marketing

Benefits of Combining Digital with Traditional Marketing

Combining both marketing methods helps a company reach a wider range of their audience.

Traditional and digital marketing methods used together is an excellent way for companies to reach more customers and create more conversions.

Both digital and traditional marketing offers many benefits to businesses. While most people are online nowadays, traditional marketing still has leverage in the marketing world. This is because not everyone is online all the time.

Benefits of Combining Digital with Traditional Marketing

When a company is deciding whether to implement their marketing efforts online or offline, it is important to remember that both mediums offer different results, depending on the product being marketed. To generate the best, most effective results, it is a good idea to market both online and offline. It is a good idea to market both online and offline because this will attract and convert more people than just marketing in one medium. Not everyone is online all the time so this is where traditional marketing comes in to fill the gap.

A good example of why companies shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket is Pepsi. Pepsi decided to switch entirely from traditional marketing to marketing on social media. This caused them to lose a lot of money because social media only covers a portion of their audience. When a company isn’t using all the tools available to them to reach their entire audience, they will lose out on a lot of sales and face the potential of making people feel alienated.

Many people still listen to the radio, watch television and read the newspaper and magazines. Traditional marketing is not dead. In fact, digital marketing is essentially traditional marketing digitized. The trick to incorporating both online and offline marketing methods is to tie all marketing efforts together.

When a company comes up with a marketing campaign, they need to ensure that they are gaining the customer’s attention, like with online and social media ads, then retaining that attention, like with promotional coupons or billboard ads they see on their daily drive. Incorporating both marketing methods that tie together to send the customer through the sales funnel will provide businesses with the best conversion and sales results.

Making Digital and Traditional Marketing Work Together

When companies use both marketing methods, they cover all their bases to ensure that they reach their entire audience. Traditional marketing is passive marketing and customers are most likely passively participating. A great use of traditional marketing is to create a call to action in a magazine ad or television commercial. This call to action should enforce the viewer to visit a website or somehow to participate in a digital experience and transform them into active participants. This is an excellent way to get both traditional and digital marketing to work together.

Another way to get both traditional and digital marketing to work together is to deliver a personalized experience to your customer. Traditional marketing uses demographics like age and location, as well as, psychographics like interests and lifestyle. This information can be used to target specific audiences with a particular ad. This ad can also use a call to action to lead viewers online to continue their personalized experience in a digital format. Using calls to action in traditional marketing to encourage customers to continue their experience digitally is an excellent example of the major impact digital marketing can have on traditional marketing to enhance a company’s marketing efforts.

Digital marketing strategies integrate with traditional marketing when customers are offered calls to action that lead them from one marketing method to the other. Combining marketing methods is the best way to guarantee a company’s audience is reached effectively. When a company uses every method available to them, they will reach and convert more viewers to their business.

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