5 Ways to be a Positive Influence on Facebook

By Anirudh Menon - Last Updated on January 6, 2020
Ways to be a Positive Influence on Facebook

These are ways in which social media managers can play a positive role on Facebook.

Important factors that individuals need to take care of when they are sharing content or endorsing other’s content on Facebook.

Social media has taken a center stage today, whether it is about promoting a business or an individual’s brand image. Ever since Facebook has been launched, the dynamics of marketing has completely changed. Today, we see not only enterprises promoting their brands, but even individuals who have become brands in their own space and Facebook Influencers.

It is not a rocket science to become a brand influencer or for that matter of fact even a paid influencer. As an individual if you take care of pre-requisites, the task can be easily achieved; however, one element that plays a crucial role is “trust”. The fact of the matter is that, you don’t know who is viewing or reading your post – irrespective of you being a business or an individual.

You should be asking the following three questions, to ensure you to ensure that you become a Facebook influencer or for that matter, become a brand influencer.

When we talk specifically about personal branding on Facebook, it takes just 5 seconds for any one to make an opinion of you. They can do this by just going through your own posts and the posts that you advocate. Whatever you write or endorse, is making an impression on some individual who is observing you. Hence it is imperative that a social media influencer keeps a check on what he or she is posting through simple social media monitoring.

Let us look at some of the ways to be an influencer on Facebook and how can you be on the radar of those people who are finding social media influencers:

  1. Displaying a Professional Photo
    A picture says a thousand words – this adage is true. Your Facebook page should have professional display picture to give the best first impression. Your personal profile can have a casual picture of yours, but a Facebook page should always have a professional photograph.
  2. Know What You Post
    If you are trying to become a positive influence, then looks are no the only factor that people look into, when they look up to you. The content that you post and the message that you convey also plays a vital role. Understand and know what you are posting:

    • Are you a complaining or being extremely critical?
    • Are you providing solutions?
    • Are you advocating extremism and spreading fear?
    • Are you inspiring people to do something useful to the society?
  3. Have a positive communication style
    Whatever message you are posting, ensure that you have a positive way to conveying message, not only to the direct recipient but also to the people whom you are an influencer. Some important pointers to do this are:

    • Always be approachable and helpful
    • Show your support of others
  4. Social Networking
    Since Facebook has also become a place of fake profiles, it is very important to choose the right people who will be part of your social network or friend circle. Hence, reach out to people who share the same ideology and can easily connect with you.
  5. Don’t be self-centered
    The purpose of social media is not to make money by selling products, but to be social and build friend.

Being on Facebook, you must show gratitude, appreciation and understanding towards other people and influence them or motivate them. Remember, whatever you say to your social network impacts them as well as you, hence it is very critical to choose the right words.

Focus on others and you will gain their respect and trust, which will ultimately lead to better success in your business through referrals, leads and sales.

Just think of this, if positivity can inspire you to do amazing things in your life, then the same positivity, if shared with others can easily inspire others. This has a rippling effect as your positivity spreads through word of mouth. Facebook is a platform that has over 2.2 billion users, which creates endless opportunities to an individual to influence the whole world.

Anirudh Menon | I have adorned multiple hats during my professional journey. My experience of 14 years comes in areas like Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. My journey as a professional writer started 5 years back, when I started writing for an in-house magazine for my employer. Having successfully delivered many in-house projects, it encouraged me to take my skill to the world. As on day, I have written articles, blogs website content for vario...

Anirudh Menon | I have adorned multiple hats during my professional journey. My experience of 14 years comes in areas like Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. ...

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